Is it ok to not change my oil filter when I change my oil?

I have an 07 Civic SI and getting the filter off is impossible for me. So either I’m going to take it to a shop to change the filter or is it ok to not change it until my next oil change?

I wouldn’t take the chance especially with a high revving engine. The oil filter could become clogged and cause severe engine damage due to lack of lubrication. A bypass valve will open thou, if the filter clogs but then unfiltered oil will be flowing through the engine: which could block a bearing causing again, severe engine damage. You have a nice car, treat it well and do the proper maintenance.

Most owners manuals will tell you to change the filter every other oil change. I believe this is done to make the total maintenance cost of the vehicle to appear low. In reality, why would you want to chance it. A clogged oil filter will go into by-pass mode, which means it will no longer filter the oil, but will still allow it to flow. This will just circulate dirty motor oil in the engine that will cause more damage.

With modern engines it is far better to change both the oil and filter because of the higher mileages between services. Buy a cheap oil filter spanner and you will find it easy to get the filter off.

well i hear some people say you only change it every other oil change but i’ve always changed the filter every oil change, no need to be cheap, what you need is an oil filter wrench, you can get one from a parts store, might ask someone and say what car you got so they can get one that will fit best since they make different size wrenches, the wrench just kinda wraps around the filter itself

you dont absolutely have to, but then your new clean oil will not get cleaned as effectively because the old burnt oil is partially clogging the filter. there has to be some way of getting that thing off without giong to a shop. if you do have to bring it to a shop, go to rapid oil change or a valvoline and see what they do to remove it. it will run you under $25 and than you can do it yourself from now on. cheers

Why would you change your oil and not the filter? The filter does exactly what it says. Filters the oil. Its like washing your clothes and not using detergent. If your oil is dirty enough to change then you need to do the filter as well.

some people say it,s ok to change the filter every other time but if you do that then all your doing is keeping some of the dirty oil in it.

No you oil filter is just as important as your oil.

Now you will have change the oil again when you change
the filter that should have been changed.
Please get some help with removing the filter.

Go to one of the quick lubes $ 10.00 $15.00

You should always chance filter when you change your oil, you are leaving dirty oil to mix with new.

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