im a 15 year old boy who likes furrys i think its cool but my family dosent now.?

i dont own any furry suits but i would like to. How can i tell my family that i like thes sort of thing without sounding weird?

I know what you’re saying. I love anime, and I’d love a cosplay outfit, but they think anime is really weird and childish. Just let them know that you like it. You might have to wait until you have a place of your own to buy a furry suit if they don’t approve of it though, even if you’re willing to buy it with your own money. It sucks when people don’t understand what you like, it doesn’t seem fair. But sometimes you just have to live with that.

How can i tell my family that i like thes sort of thing without sounding weird?

Good question. You have me stumped. If you find answer for it, then get back to us (for future reference, like, yer know).


I am actually one of your lost parents because I am secretly Jesus,and you’re grounded forever for being a filthy animaleffer.
I will tell your real parents now,kiddo.

I’m an 18 year old man who likes barbies, should I tell my girlfriend this without sounding wierd?

wait until youre out of college and into your own place before getting any

everyone has a fetish. maybe its best that you keep that to yourself until you move out. my parents dont know about my hentai fascination. its not the end of the world if they dont know that.

I guess you’ll have to stand up for yourself on this.
Itd probably help if you kept the fetish a secret if thats what you’re into

its your family, im sure they deal with your weirdness all the time:) but if your really worried about what they say then bring it up like a joke and see what they say:)

Let me guess? You’re a virgin right?

you cant dude, it is weird.

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