I find at times atheists defending Islam just to get back at christians….?

Do you not want the truth about Islam and it’s hate filled ideology to be revealed?
Would you rather the world sink into racism and start hating arabs instead of Islam?
Do you not want to help muslims discover something humane and become part of mainfold humanity?
I’m not a christian but the threat today is islam! Christianity has evolved and today is more acceptable.
Why do you help Muslims preach a doctrine that prescribes the killing of infidels?

I don’t defend Islam. I do not support it either. When a Muslim asks a question I try to answer them as honestly as possible. When a Muslim makes a statement against Christians using the same logic that could apply to their religion I point that out to them. The same goes for Christians.

I am very offended by the attempt that many Muslims have made on Y!AR&amp:S to enforce censorship, while it is not all Muslims there are a significant amount more than Christians.. They often will use tactics as to seem they are defending Christians, but most of us see right through it.. They want censorship on all non-believers.

Are you asking a real question or have you already the answer?

Are you not a hypocrite? Are you not using religious issues as ground for getting back at those who defend Islamic beliefs?

Are you not &quot:defending&quot: Christianity to &quot:get back&quot: at Muslims and the atheists who defend them? You speak in the same language as those who slander.

Perhaps you think think you can judge a religion and its followers?

If you have never been a follower of Christ or a Muslim, why do you feel that you understand either religion? What knowledge do you have that shows that one is a religion of peace and the other a cult for breeding hate?

It is the lack of understanding of people’s beliefs and ideology that leads to conflict.

Such prejudice against a religion is clearly the work of the devil in an idle mind, one that is lazy!

Pointing out the skeletons in Christianity’s closet when it attacks Islam’s wrongs is not defending Islam: it’s pointing out hypocrisy.

You seem to have plenty hate filled ideology of your own. Sure radical Islam is a threat, we all know that, and so is the hysterical Islamophobia that fans the flames. Islamofascists/Islamophobes-no difference as far as I’m concerned.

I find christianity to just as intolerant as Islam and most of the members of both religions are just as ignorant about science and the reality the rest of us live in. I do not defend Islam….so congratulations..you just made another sweeping generalization. I do not get back at chrisitans. I answer them with my opinions. In fact, yesterday I answered a Muslim in defense of christianity. Wrong is wrong. I don’t care what superstitious mythology you believe or what color you are.

Get over yourself…christians have done plenty of killing in the name of their saviour.

You hate Islam and Muslims while others don’t..Educate yourself about Islam first.

Beause most questions about Islam contain false and misleading lies.
so someone with rational thinking has to correct them.

many people like myself are just sick of Christian biggotry and hatred. So when people lie or distort the facts about islam, I tend to defend them.

Religion shouldn’t be a forum for revenge.

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