I always feel depressed… why?…?

whenever my friends and parents get angry on me they scold me….. but i’ll start to feel depressed that i have no one for me….. although when one or two console me…. why tis problem s there for me?

well…listen dear..u dnt need to get depressed ya..thts quite normals..our loved ones nly fire n scream at us…but u shund tget hurt wid them…jst take it lightly..after all they love u..n never expect others to console u..as they wont b arnd u all the time to do tht..so please dnt b so senti…n get depressed…instead try n smile..coz u look good whn u smile rather whn u tensed n depressed

Ryan, welcome to America. So many people, like yourself, are in dire need of help , and are poor and in serious debt too. Nothing is wrong with being a virgin, since when is that wrong? You are young and you have tried so hard to go to school. Everyone has school debt, its awful, as you say. The scary thing is you need some help , and medication? You need some attention for your nerves and feelings. Your feelings are raw and tender, and need help, you see? Living in America is very hard, and the last eight years were absolute hell. This is the outcome of those horrible 8 years of political mismanagement, corporate greed and covert agendas. We were all victims. We all hurt. We are all poor. We all need to help each other as much as possible. You don’t have to ever look back at the past. You can learn from the lessons. Say&quot: what did I do? what should I do now? What worked and what didn’t? what will work ? &quot: you said you messed a lot of things up, so you know what NOT to do! Thats really a good start. You are quite young, and I am speaking from an older age than you, you have a LOT to learn. Dont’ be afraid to fall in the mud , just get up and clean up and move right on ahead. You aren’t in life to &quot:get the past back&quot: , you are in life to &quot: move forward! to a stronger and better place&quot: . Also, if you can find ways to be kind to others, you will see how it will light you up inside, knowing you made someone else’s life a bit brighter. Its hard to get along with parents at this age. They want money for the utilities, and money to help keep the roof over your heads, and they try to tell their offspring to not waste energy . It is good to help them with finances. Lots of people are having to drop out of the higher education because of job or home losses. We are struggling as a nation . I hope you will talk to a doctor about getting you free help and medication. You know , they have to help .

only you would actually know why your depressed. the best thing and the hardest thing for you to do is to actually try to center yourself . Instead of wondering why you get depressed but look at and try to understand what people are saying and reevaluate yourself in order to see what all the &quot:hub bub&quot: is. Try not to extract the negative from the scolding. Listen through the yelling and see whats being said. If you disagree, present your rebuttal in a calm manner. this is the hardest thing to do. but trust me, parents scold you cause they care and it’s their form of protecting, as harsh as it seems it’s a way to show that they love and care for you. when you look at it like that, you shouldn’t see a reason to be depressed, cause many wish for that. hope that helps. Keep ya head up cause you won’t see or realise anything with your head hangin down.

Basically you need some place to live., try to achieve something or try to do something comeover with all problems, then you will be busy and you have some place in society then every one even your parents too will not defend upon you.

Or take a situation as a joke don’t take its too serious., If you feel too depression think of the best jokes or feel you friend its me

If you feel depressed always you had a friend just email me., or call me i am your friend will always your side., Take care

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This is normal for most of the people even me this is because of so called communication gap between people of different ages-the problem arises when u ideas , character etc may not be approved by others of different ages say ur mom dad etc as such one might always feel :left alone such things are common those people scold u because they luv u not hate u so i say u cheer up &amp:try not to bring any negative thoughts to ur mind ok

Its your lack of confidence in you, my dear!!Start thinking that you are perfectly normal with normal friends and normal relatives. Love &amp: hate, anger and sorrow- all are two sides of a coin and it changes from oe side to another soon. Leave the feeling that YOU ARE NOT OK BUT ALL OTHERS ARE OK!! Face the world with courage. All the best!!

relatioship is twoway thing. they are not hitlar or any boss for you as they are ordering you or they are taking work by scolding you., they are your parents. so they scold you because they love you and they want your goodness it is their thinking. now what you should do if they scold you, you should discuss the thing on which they are scolding because they are your parents and you should also have love for them. your loving towards them is that you care for their thinking that is why you want to discuss your thinking with them. debate on some topic with your parents is symbol of love. accepting anything blindly from your parents in spite of knowing that your opinion is different, is compromise.doing whatever you want is ignoranceof your parents.
aur suno debate with childish behaviour/ gandhi giri karke

most of the time when they scold u is because they love u and want you to do right . not because they hate you or r tyring to make u mad.so when they get on to you just remember they love you and just want to help. dont let it get you down or depressed ok

see dnt take ur friends n parents scolding -vely they r doing dis for ur good only! forget it by asking dem wats d solution for it n try to imply it in ur life! think abt it is that solution right! dnt think much abt it n enjoy ur life take life as it comes! dnt get depressed !

i dont think u understand what depressed means, do you want to spend days in bed unwashed, do u ignore the phone, do you see no reason for carrying on living?
thats what real depression feels like
Sounds like u are just feeling down cos ur feeling picked on
learn to be assertive and tell these people when they say things, that you dont like it and tell them why
What ur feeling isnt depression, sounds more like growing pains

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