How to convince my mom and dad to let me get a kitten/cat?

I’ve tried everything I can think of.

I wrote a proposal stating that I can do everything and I will do everything like cleaning the litter box.

I did whine a little bit… 🙂

Then I was quiet and asked her to consider it.

She said we have too many pets, but the one day when she wanted a pet, we went out that day and got the pet! And now I don’t get mine!

We have 2 dogs and 2 cats, but only one is basically mine and hardly spends any time with me. And the cat would make the other cat very happy because she is always looking to run and play. The dogs wouldn’t bother the cat, because the cats stay upstairs and the dogs stay downstairs.

I want a kitten because I love to care for animals, I want to save it from a High-Kill shelter and I have a huge love for kitties. I would be open to saving an adult, though the older cat I have now only does well when the cat is young and not dominant.

Any suggestions on how to convince my parents? Thanks!!!

If I were you, I would tell your parents this:

Cats are independent, so they do what they want.
Every cat knows how to use a litterbox.
Cats sleep most of the day, so they don’t always need to be played with.
Since you already have cats and dogs in your home, the pets will be used to a new pet.
A kitten is very attatched to their owner or the person who spends the most time with it.
Kittens are very playful,so it’s very cute to watch them play.
You and your family are already animal lovers, so having another pet in the house wouldn’t change anything.
A kitten around the age of 6 weeks old is the perfect and cutest age to get one.
A kitten loves to play, especially when there hyper, but if you’re busy at the time, put a glue stick on the floor, show it to him/her, then roll it.( My kiiten, KIra, loves it. He pounces on it and it looks like he’s playing soccer! )


Or look up on Google, and you can probably find useful information why you should get a kitten/cat

Sorry this is not what you want to hear… i say no… I am not sure how old you are but either way I just got 2 kitties last week and they are quite a handful! It is WAY more responsibility than you think. I did the same thing when i was younger and my parents ended up taking care of the dog! Its very expensive, are you going to pay for vet/vaccines/food/litter?? I dont think so. Go outside and play with your friends!!

Hm. Well, my suggestion would be to take an active role in the care of the animals you already have, and not speak about it for a while. When your birthday, or Christmas (whichever comes quicker) ask your parents to reconsider, and if they question you, point out your involvment with the animals you already have. Also, try to keep your grades up, parents like that!

Take her to a shelter just to &quot:look.&quot: You both might fall in love with one. And you will have to take all the responsibility if you promise you will, so be prepared for that. Go to, and see if you can find one you like and you could get to, then show it to her.
My mom doubted us getting kittens, but she falls in love with some on sight.
We have three cats now, all of which she was uncertain about getting, all of which we both love to pieces.

Hi Mimi

I’m sorry, but I do have to agree with your parents. Right now you seem to have a &quot:full&quot: house. Try improving your relationship with your other pets. It will take time, but I think you will find it very rewarding. Perhaps if your parents see how involved you are they might reconsider.

You might try asking your mom to go to the shelter with you Just to look (hint hint).

show them that you are going to responsibal and careful
because if i want kitten so bad and they brought it to i love for 2-3days after that i want something else so show them that you really want the cat

good luck

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