How do other atheists feel about other atheists supporting religion especially messianic judaism ?

I’m shocked and disturbed by this. We all know fundementalists are out for new members. On this site there’s a young girl and a couple other atheist who supports messianic judaism on this site. I thought Jews for Judaism were supposed to deter conversion to messianic judeism . This clown avatar guy who i suspect is a missionary and is constantly around when she is around. How do I talk to this atheist and show her these people are bad news. How can i get help from jews for judaism to talk to her

there are people out there for whom anti-semitism is more important than other religious affiliation.

but in this case, i believe the clown with his many alt accounts is a megalomaniac who feeds on the attention he gets from forcing jews to defend their religion.

it’s yet another example of yahoo supporting anti-semitism. the clown and his messianic cohorts continually make direct personal attacks on jews, yet every one of them still has an account.

really, the only thing you can do is calmly point out that the messies are fundamentalist christians fraudulently posing as jews and the clowns are deluded while resisting the urge to engage in their personal attacks. maybe the yamster will eventually recognize this for the bigotry that it is, but i’m not holding my breath.

The outline of the creation of woman in the Bible is instead Symbolic. First of all it says that it is not good for man to be alone (I wish to factor out it does not say that about women). Then it goes on to talk about how ladies used to be created with the aid of pulling a rib out of Adam’s Chest. Now not a bone from the foot to be trampled upon, and not a bone from the top to be above, however a bone from the chest to be equal to. Now consider farther, what motive do the ribs serve? They shield critical and existence giving organs. A lady with the aid of God’s plan fills the equal position. They’re to be respected, honored, cherished, and protected. Within the Bible are you aware of at any place it mentions God’s spouse? It’s not in there. Why? Not considering he’s not married. In Genesis God says a man must be married. As a way to be perfect a man must be married, and God is best so God is married. If God is married why don’t we read about his spouse wherever? Answer, when you knew that your name can be treated within the manner that God’s has would any excellent husband permit that to be achieved to his wife? No, and so as an alternative of doing something to limit our company He did not point out His wife, and hence She does not have Her identify desecrated like His has been. As far as the passage you check with in Timothy i’d assume that is among the many spots in the Bible that have been the sufferer of intentional or unintended mistranslations over the centuries. Ladies should not 2nd type residents. Christ in his ministry taught that, not with words but His actions. When you seem at the admire that He confirmed the females He interacted with, and evaluate that with how ladies were handled in that day, you will see he was downright innovative. He would have made virtually any womens rights activist today glad. Whilst you take that into consideration there are a lot of reasons why a girl can be a Christian. Oh yes I should mention i am a male.

I’ve never seen an atheist supporting any religion, in particular that deceptive branch of Christianity misnamed ‘messianic Judaism.’ I suspect such a person would be a Christian troll, not an atheist.

As for how can you ‘protect’ someone from missionary deception, unless she asks for help, there is very little. You can try setting the record straight when the faux atheist makes incorrect statements, but that’s about it.

Zvi the Jewish Fiddler

There are two kinds of Jews. Messianinc Jews have required beliefs. Non Messianic Jews can be atheists. You can talk to her and tell her that. I suspect that she knows about this question about Reform Jewish membership. I believe that everyone on Yahoo has heard of this. It’s the most linked to question of R&amp:S. The truth is hard to deny when it is publicly celebrated and there is a record of it.…

She can always become a Reform Jew instead. I also know the Messianic movements roughly approximate the non Messianic sects so perhaps there is a Messianic Reform sect that she can convert to and not have to actually believe in or do anything.

But I’d rather you didn’t.

Edit: Megalomania is a psycho-pathological condition characterized by delusional fantasies of power, relevance, or omnipotence. ‘Megalomania is characterized by an inflated sense of self-esteem and overestimation by persons of their powers and beliefs’.[1] Historically it was used as an old name for narcissistic personality disorder prior to the latter’s first use by Heinz Kohut in 1968, and is used these days as a non-clinical equivalent.*

It is unlikely that a Megalomaniac would have a clown avatar as it would go against the nature of what a Megalomaniac is. It is more likely that a Megalomaniac would prefer an a title of authority or have an association to a well known and respected organization or link to a blog site from which they could pontificate.

It’s very noble, kind and upright for ANYONE to support those they disagree with.

Why be &quot:militant&quot: about not believing? Why not just go about your business and not believe, rather than shoving your disbelief into others faces and then complain that they’re shoving their belief in YOUR face, which isn’t the case. You wouldn’t even have to worry about others faith if you didn’t hang around websites that discuss it. *eye roll*


There are no atheists that support any organized religion. Perhaps you mean to say agnostics. Atheists don’t believe in gods and don’t support stupid or the gathering of ideas that are.

I’m shocked and disturbed by so many other atheists. I’m not just another atheist!

In the document ‘What Evangelical Christians should know about Messianic “jews”, Martin Meyer, founder of ‘jews’ FOR JESUS: reveals:

‘We are an arm of the local **Church**. We are Evangelists. We are accountable to the Church. As we win and ***convert*** Jewish people, we urge them to take their place in a local Evangelical **Church**, or establish a congregation. Our duty is to aid the **Church** at large and to gather in the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel.’

G*d is not a man, that he should lie: neither the Son of Man, that he should relent: hath he said, and shall he not do it? or hath he spoken, and shall he not make it good? [Numbers 23:19]

G*d is the same, G*d does not lie, G*d is G*d and Human Beings are Human Beings, and G*d does not become a Human Being, and Human Beings do not become gods.

This means that basic to the faith of the Jewish People, is the distinction between G*d and man, a distinction which is not found in christianity. This confusion, the mixing of Man with gods, was common in the ancient pagan world.

Since xtians claim that their Satan/devil is what attempts to separate people from G*D, they then admit to working for their Satan/devil when they evangelize.

G*D is 1. G*D is Ein Sof = Eternal Infinite – logically, mathematically and by definition there can be only 1. More than 1 there is an end/beginning before there can be the other negates logic, mathematics and definition.
Devarim – Deuteronomy 6:4
Hear, O Israel: The Lord is our God: the Lord is one.

Atheists are not without the ability to stand up for oppressed peoples.

Not every Messianic Jews is running around proselyting people. Most are minding their own business with their belief in Jesus, though born Jews.

And it is their human right to chose such things, the same as Atheists may chose not to believe in a God.

If I stand up for some Atheists right to chose for themselves and live that way, why should anyone be surprised that an Atheist has as much common sense to defend people hated for no other reason than you hate them for believing in a Messiah whom you do not agree is Messiah.

Do you promote hatred of all Lubavitchers too? Are we to assume all Lubavitchers are &quot:bad&quot: simply because they follow someone you and I don’t?

If Jews for Judaism members want to sign up individually more Y accounts they still have to refrain from abusing other members. Questions asked about Messianic Jews beliefs and customs, etc. do not warrant abuse anymore than sincere questions about the Holocaust, or Jews in general.

I don’t care what other atheists do.
Anyone who supports &quot:messianic judeism&quot: is as dishonest as jews4jebus.
Jews4jebus are are just fundie xians trying to scam Jews into believing in Jebus.

&quot:How do I talk to this atheist and show her these people are bad news&quot:
You don’t attempt to discuss anything with these units.
They’re fully-programmed fundie LIARS.
They’re bigoted as any redneck.

They cease to be atheists when they convert, silly.

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