How can the liberal media and democrats call Republicans racists for comparing Obama to Hitler?

I’ve never understood this argument… If a republican compares Obama to Hitler he is saying Obama is as bad as hitler That statement alone says Republicans think the worst person to compare him to is a white guy… That should mean Republicans are exactly the polar opposite of racist… Most racist neo nazi organizations idolize adolf hitler, so that also says they can’t be racist because they are using Adolf Hitler as a sounding board to describe the epitomy of evil… How can this be seen as racism when people compare Obama to Hitler, it should say exactly the opposite…

What gets me is that the same people that object to comparing Obama to hitler had no trouble doing it to Bush.

Evil has many names throughout history,
Perhaps they’d prefer …
Qin Shi Huang
Julius Caesar
Herod the Great
Wu Zetain
King John
Genghas Khan
Muhammed Tughlak
Vlad &quot:The Impaler&quot:
Cesare Borgia
Selim the Grim
Ivan the Terrible
Bloody Mary
Oliver Cromwell
Maximillian Robespierre
Jose Rodriguez de Francia
Shaka Zulu
Idi Amin
Pol Pot
Slobodan Milosevic
Juan Perone
&quot:Papa Doc&quot: Duvalier
and many other Tyrants.

Let me smile you speak about Hitler with any sauce any food

Sure the meanest are the jew as they say you are nazi if you accuse Polansky of child abuse or Madoff why not
I absolutly dislike as they hide a felony or greedy behaviour behind Holocaust.and I add by a joke we have a lot upon them.
A good one the plane begin to fly with automatic pilot and no noise in the cabin sure the pilot is jew and the co pilot chinese!
The jew says you are all the same yellow poeple:you bombed Pearl Harbour,you faught for commies in Korea.
The chinese answer it was not us japonese has done it!
The jew no matter all the same
Few time later the chinese says you let sink the Titanic!
the jew :you are creasy it was caused by an Iceberg
the chinese:all the same Goldenberg, Rosenberg,Iceberg
There are lots of jokes especially on blond,red necks here on scottish
or Belgians Ok but now a joke on jews will become a crime hate.
We too all have lost a parent during WW1 or WW2 and in the family we faught Germans since 1970 Reichoffen battle and you do remember that PrГ©sident Grant congratulate the Kaiser Guillaume for his victory on France Shut UP
Alway remember in the word NAZI =national Socialist no more comments and few difference with International socialist here is the
difference and they hate them for one word since 1930.

By your logic, comparing Obama to a great African historical figure like Hannibal would have been racist, but comparing him to any white sociopathic racist historical figure and murderer of millions like Adolf Hitler is not. Your logic is so convoluted and backwards that you could perform your own colonoscopy. Does inbreeding run in your family and stupidity come naturally, or did you have to work at it? However, to the extent that you are an archetype representative of the white race, you make the case for miscegenation.

Wow. What are you even talking about?

People claim that Obama is facing racism because of many things, the least of which is the comparisons to Hitler.

First, I have never heard that. I generally call someone who compares Obama to Hitler just plain stupid. Second, if there are people saying it’s racist to make the comparison, they are saying that if Obama were white, he wouldn’t be compared to anyone at all. I don’t agree with this, but there ya go.

The claim has worked for them for around 45 years. They haven’t learned any more new tricks. Nice to see your getting over the farce at 910. Attempts to chance the talking points there by deflecting the question. These unskilled deflections work only to cover -up the warnings. It’s happening again! History is repeating itself.

The liberals always compared Bush to Hitler so that was white on white. I have for years tried to understand how the liberal media and liberals think, what makes them tick. I’ve decided it’s a mystery that will never be revealed.

No, we’re not calling you racists for comparing Obama to Hitler. Such a comparison is stupid, but it has nothing to do with race.

If you’ve heard some of us call you a racist, it was for other reasons.

Anyone who compares Obama to Hitler must have some kind of irrational hatred for Obama. Obama isn’t nearly that bad, and making the assertion that &quot:Obama is as bad as Hitler&quot: is an insult to intelligence. Maybe the person is upset at Obama’s dark skin or maybe they are upset at his Muslim-sounding name. It’s just hard to believe that any right-thinking American could possibly make such an asinine comparison without some kind of racial prejudice.

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