Hinduism: Rama killed Ravana and returned to his home but that thing happened lakhs of years ago, why we..?

Still celebrate those festivals. No disrespect but Sanatan Dharma is a ever evolving religion unlike other religions and it hurts me when we are causing a lot of air and noise pollution on the name of these festivals. If we have to celebrate why can’t our way of celebration evolve, why we still have to use fire crackers knowing the health risks and conditions like melting of polar caps due to global warming?

I agree with the timeline mentioned by you regarding Shri Ram, but I strongly disagree with this concept of &quot:evolution&quot:.

Shri Ram was the 7th avatar of lord Vishnu and he lived in the Treta Yuga, about a million years ago. The legend of Shri Ram is indeed very old, but still its very important to worship and emulate him. He was the first fully civilized human incarnate(though not a homo-sapien), an embodiment of perfection, the greatest apostle of Dharma, and the epitome of righteousness which earned him the title of &quot:Maryada Purushottom&quot:. It is the fundamental duty of every Hindu man to diligently follow the path of Dharma, by emulating Shri Ram.

If you read about the first 6 avatars, you’ll notice that none of them was as perfect as Shri Ram was. Parashuram, the 6th avatar was also a complete human, incarnated to destroy the Adharma among the Kshatriyas. While slaughtering those Kshatriyas, he had developed an insatiable appetite for the blood of the Kshatriyas, due to which he had obliterated the Kshatriyas. In an outburst of anger He even killed his own mother, who was later brought back to life. Once his anger and thirst for Kshatriya’s blood, had even irked Goddess Parvati, who raised an weapon to kill Parashuram, but was stopped by lord Shiva.

The 5th avatar Narasimha, was half-human and his legend has also a lot of bloodshed in it, lacking human compassion.

But Shri Ram was just perfect. He killed the demon Ravan and his entire demonic clan, but not even for a moment did we notice, lack of human compassion in Him. It is only by emulating Shri Ram, is possible for the human race to live with love, compassion and devotion, which is the goal of Hinduism.

Note: All the 9 avatars were God and very important in Hinduism, but we can learn the most from Shri Ram and Shri Krishna. If we ever forget Shri Ram, it won’t be called evolution, it would be devolution which will make us wicked and unworthy of our glorious ancestors.

Couple of weeks before, for some similar question, I had equated you with Om, Rajan alias LOVEL.

People are otherwise dead and repressed. They live a few moments during festivals and they use fire crackers or become noisy. First one need to understand their frustrations out of which they become noisy during festivals. It is far fetching to relate global warming to these festivities.

These festivities alone unite people today, though it may cause some noise. Otherwise, people have little or no time to come together and share their views. These isolated people are good prey for canny people and only festivals bring them together. This remains only hope for Hindus that they would be united during time of any future problem. It gives them a new strength and hope and this is more than welcome.

Ways of celebrations have changed over time and these are outlets to emotions to the people and society. Keeping traditions alive is another motive of festivals. All irrelevant issues are cropping up here like child labor. It is not good to mix these issues.

Oh you Poor Soul. Does it really hurt that bad?
Grown up people mostly do not use fire crackers. Its childrens generally.
It is a deep rooted tradition so it would be hard to Remove it but yes we can Improve it as per our new standards. So lets take initiative to bring some improvements.

But I m surprised Person You care. You look like a Dumb Prophet with Sword in his hand and preaching Religion , Spirituality. Pollution. Have you ever thought how much you have contributed to Corrupt the mind of people visiting R&amp:S section with your Plaguing Display Pic. It look more like Fidayeen Than a warrior. It looks like a Freak springing around Yahoo answers..
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You look like a Freak and Fake preacher.

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Good day/ Good night. 🙂 :)&quot:

Dear friend, do not worry, be happy. Agree to disagree. Let people follow their festivals and practices without troubling others. Do you object / question only the Hindu festivals or all festivals of all religions ? love all, serve all. help ever, hurt never. good luck

Hinduism emphasizes that they need to be changed age after age, in response to changing socio-economic conditions. So we need to transform accordingly and hope it would happen sooner or later.

As per astronomical dating by Sage Viswamitra and Valmiki, following are the dates of few events from the Ramayana :

Rama’s Birth Date 4th December 7323 B.C

Rama-Seeta Married 7th April 7307 B.C

Rama Exiled 29th November 7306 B.C.

Hanuman enters Lanka 1st September 7292 B.C

Hanuman meets Seeta 2nd September 7292 B.C.

Seetu (Bridge) built 26-30th Oct. 7292 B.C
on the ocean

The War begins 3rd November 7292 B.C

Kumbhakarna is killed 7th November 7292 B.C.

Ravana is killed by Rama 15th November 7292 B.C.

Rama returns to Ayodhya 6th December 7272 B.C.

I agree with Sanatan Dharma sir. Asking &quot:why we..Still celebrate those festivals&quot: implies that one doesn’t approve of Hindus celebrating their prime festivals freely and amounts to harbouring anti-Hindu sentiment.

Hinduism being an evolving religion doesn’t mean it can’t have its carefree moments of loud &amp: proud celebrations. Also, they’re not doing it 365 days a year, just 7-8 days. Hindu festivals are a very social affair and there will be some noise. Your statement suggests you want them to go quieter as if India is still under Islamic rule.

Noise and air pollution caused by Dusshera and Diwali is insubstantial compared to other factors causing them throughout the year. If we can accept factories, vehicles, machinery, Mosques, etc. causing them daily then we can certainly accept a few days of celebrations that provide moments of social togetherness &amp: joy to people. There are far more dangerous things posing health risks to individuals everyday. You can’t hold majority of people from occasional joyous outburst: others can adjust for those occasions.

For the question, all this happened &quot:lakhs of years ago why still celebrate?&quot: – Hindus still celebrate because they are attached to their history and it reaffirms their cultural roots which go so far and so deep. Societies which neglect and discard their past are bound to become history themselves, sooner or later.


Asker, it’s good you have come out with this question &amp: your arguments.. .. saves me from some explaining to senior members like Sanatan Dharma sir.

A few days of smoke due to Diwali etc. is unsubstantial compared to – 1) Other sources of overall pollution throughout year 2) The social and individual importance &amp: satisfaction of celebrating those festivals that way, for majority of people.

Even kissing and hand shake causes a lot of germs-exchange and may result in causing an infection/ disease, so will you stop doing that? Vehicular pollution greatly damages environment, will you please stop using a vehicle?

Factories &amp: vehicles don’t get us joy, celebrating festivals the way people want to does. Alternatives are there for vehicles as well as celebrations, but like you wouldn’t be comfortable with an alternative to modern vehicles, many Hindus wouldn’t be with an alternative to their modern style (of celebrations).

If you are still unable to understand these simple logic, then I take it that you are biased and there’s no point explaining further. Your unrelenting insistence at your arguments is plain anti-Hindu and NOT merely a query or question regarding Hindu traditions or environmental concerns.

You ask a very good question and it is indeed true that our way of celebration must evolve with the times.

However, we celebrate Lord Rama even after so many years for what he represented – Maryada Purushottam, justice, truth, upholding the moral integrity of his kingdom etc. Although I doubt very much that he was born lakhs of years ago.

Well though you have valid point ,but these things continues because it is faith related one , also people are practiced to do that since long time ago , its impossible to change some long practiced cultures and traditions . also we are know for our cultures and traditions . but i too agree with that ..

Mature thinking you have.. keep it up.
But these retarded Indian(those who really are..) care about nothing. They just want to burn the crackers during every occasion, during diwali, elections, new year, functions, when India wins a gay cricket match and the list goes on.
Diwali was never meant to be celebrated with crackers. Lighting lamps are enough. I personally hate diwali so f-u-c-k-i-n-g much. Its so difficult to step out of the home during and a day after diwali, the atmosphere will be full of smoke clouds.
Whereas in any of the western countries, the crackers are to be lit only during new year, that too at a specific place and very few burn it anyway.
FYI: Where is the proof that Rama existed? Ramayan is just a reason to celebrate Diwali..

You could have mentioned about the child labor involved in Fire Works Factory,Sivakasi,Tamil Nadu.

Go through the following site:

Forced child labour is a grim reality at Sivakasi, the capital of the cracker industry in India. A documentary film released by a human rights organisation shows children employed in match and cracker making around Sivakasi.

My Personal View:

Tamil Nadu is still connected with the Ramayana right from………………….

Rama Exiled 29th November 7306 B.C.

Hanuman enters Lanka 1st September 7292 B.C

Hanuman meets Seeta 2nd September 7292 B.C.

Seetu (Bridge) built 26-30th Oct. 7292 B.C
on the ocean

The War begins 3rd November 7292 B.C

Kumbhakarna is killed 7th November 7292 B.C.

Ravana is killed by Rama 15th November 7292 B.C.

Rama returns to Ayodhya 6th December 7272 B.C.


till to day in the form of Child Labor employed to celebrate the death of Ravana.

The collossal epic Kamba Ramayanam is Tamilnadu’s profound contribution to the Ramayana legacy of the Indian subcontinent and it was recited by the writer Kambar within the precincts of the Srirangam temple in a manner similar to the arangetram of Periyapuraanam at Chidambaram. This Templenet feature is a pointer to just a handful of temples associated with legends related to the Ramayana particularly in the phases related to Rama’s search for Sita, events prior to the crossing of the ocean and the victorious return from Lanka..

Dear Sanatan,

&quot:Child labour point is useless here because little children are working in all the industries in India. Little kids are working in Dhabas too, so should we stop drinking tea ?&quot:

How do you say Child labour point is useless?
Have you employed them in your house,Dhaba or factory,feeling guilty?
Do you encourage your Hindu boys and girls working as bonded labors,in order you to celebrate with crackers?

You are lost on Your last line,

&quot:Stop criticising hindus on useless logics and lame excuses. Grow up baby&quot:

But you don’t allow &quot:Hindu Babies&quot: to grow up by employing them as bonded workers.
Your funny logic shows your true color.

I vehemently second the following Asker’s fitting reply to you.
&quot:And about tea yes you can stop drinking tea where little kids are employed certainly that will positively impact society&quot:.

In Tamil we have an adage that

&quot:குழந்தையும் தெய்வமும் а®’а®©аЇЌа®±аЇЃ&quot: – &quot:A Kid and God are one and the same&quot:.

How come being no 1 in R&amp:S category you have not realized it.
May God,not open but turn your eyes towards the thousands of innocent children who work against the clock for paltry wages.

&quot:Chennai City kids vow to boycott crackers&quot:

Several students in Chennai have said that they will not buy crackers this Deepavali and instead use the money to purchase clothes, sweets and gifts for the less privileged.

Students running voluntary units in a number of schools have also urged their friends not to buy crackers, attributing the reason to the recent Sivakasi blast, which claimed the lives of the breadwinners of many families.

Meanwhile, teachers too have supported the students and say that bursting crackers is not the way to celebrate Diwali.

“Even today, several children are working in cracker manufacturing units indirectly. There should be an anti-cracker propaganda in all schools.” said N. Thamarai Kannan, founder president, Tamil Nadu Integrated Graduate Teachers Association.They pollute our environment. Any serious mishap with fireworks can cost you your life! Millions of children are forced to work for making them. Many of these children die due to one or the other mishap or some health hazard due to working with poisonous chemicals.
Forced child labour in cracker factories

Forced child labour in cracker factories

Suppose every Indian spends Rs. 1 on fireworks, as India has population of approximately 1.21 billion people, this means that Rs. 1.21 billion are wasted on fireworks alone, every year!

What use are you putting your hard earned money to? Imagine what good you can do with that amount of money. A number of educational facilities and hospitals can be build, poverty can be dealt with and so much more!

Next time you light fire to a cracker remember there is a poor child whose education you could have funded with that money or at least you could have saved their childhood from those dingy, dark, claustrophobic rooms where they are work tirelessly to fulfill your demands.

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