Hey are we living the last days is Jesus coming soon?

Hey folks I use to be atheist from ages 15 through 18 and today is the day of salvation.
Today is the day u need to be saved while GOD is calling.
Except ye repent ye shall all likewise perish Luke 13:3
For whosever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be SAVED Romans 10:13 Romans 3:23 Jesus died shed his blood for us on the cross . 1 John 1:7 And the blood of Jesus Christ his son cleaseth us from all sin.
GOD Loves us all satan wants us to burn in hell forever . Mark 9:48 Where their worm dieth not and the fire is not quenched.
Revelation 20:15 For whosever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire.

Turn to Jesus today call on him ask him to save u today Repent of your sins today admit u are a sinner ask Jesus to come in your heart wash away your sins nothing can wash away our sins but JESUS BLOOD!


In Jesus , Rodney

thats my name ok

Oh please, you nuts are funny and scary at the same time. You stand around screaming that the sky is falling every few years or so, and have been doing so for thousands of years.

At least that one cult did something about it and killed themselves when they thought the end was coming…

Believe it or not we all going to die or something in the year

2012, luckily for me i have a bomb shelter with 2 inches of

lead to keep out radiation we have allot of canned food and a

few gas masks (dont know if they work or not) and a water

purifier. Sorry but other people have already registered to use

it when 2012 comes so all the spaces are filled

Prior to the first gulf war I was tricked into playing occult games or practices which caused me to be placed into bondage to witch craft/Demonic forces. I believe it happen for a reason and will serve Gods purpose. I was force with witchcraft to go threw a trancendental meditation ceromony with the aid of witchcraft. I was tricked into debauchery is what I will call it In,said hypnotic state. I found that Satans Secret Society is extreemly large, dangerouse, secret, in a lot of powerful seats in society, and spreading like a cancer in society. I was hurased , threatend, tourchard with wtchcraft, myself and family memburs were threatend the list goes on. Anyway when first gulf war took place and Sadam Hussain lit oil wells ablaze I was attacke by a demon on three separat occassions all at night. The domon would attack me, fight against me, then leave. It was Horrod it radiated with the feelings from the abyss. Like a coal that had been pulled from the fire radiates of the heat of the flame. Also this Demon was so fast thet when I was attacked I was alseep in bed. Before I could awake this Demon had started to fight and harm me the spirit inside me was actually fighting this Demn until I awoke and took over the fight. Thanks a lot, It was more like trying to protect myself.How are you going to fight the Dead what are you going to do kill it? It wasn’t funny! This happend on three seperat occassions all at night. The third time I was attacked I was fighting this thing or trying It was spining me in circles in the midle of the room when I had enough awarness to comand it in the name of Jesus Christ. This is when it happend. The holy spirit deliverd me into the Halway outside my bedroom, The scorpion Demon followed he stood 3.5′ to 4′ tall he resemblked a african warthog that stood on his feet like a man. He was something from another age like some animals appear mutch older in the cycle of life than others. He grabbed my left hand as we stood there took his tail with his other hand and placed it atop of my hand. It sent waves of fire flowing threw my soul. Yes they were waves of fire the pain so intens no words could describe. The pain so intense I looked staight up to heaven and screamed with all my might father please help me. The words verly came from my mouth. What happend after this is mine but no one would believe me anyway. I’ve informed some but would you believe this story? there is mutch more to tell, but time will tell. Good luck and God bless. And fior all you who tell me I need meds and can’t spell this is for you. The fifth trumpet has sounded the first woe is past scorpion demons= locust and stings and as far as i am concernd the warning has been deliverd.

Not necessarily are we living in the last days. The Antichrist has not shown himself yet and we have not had a World War III yet, so we are years away form Jesus’ Second Coming.

In answer to the first part of your question. Yes probably, can these times be any worse?, maybe.
I hope He(Jesus) comes soon, show all these idiots that HE IS.

Nobody knows for sure only God in Heaven knows.It in the bible.But I’m glad you want to save people!


I believe we are in the last days.

Peace and Love and God Bless Rodney.


The generation of the fig tree.

BUT, do you know the sequence of events ????

It is very important !!!!

Are you a reformed drug addict?

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