Given a chance, which cricketer would you like to meet and why?

He may or may not be from your own country.
As for me, i would like to meet Brett Lee and Kevin Pietersen…..
………Expecting witty answers.

Well,I would love to meat Yuvi.He is handsome and our hero.I would surely like to meet that young N talented rockstar.

From other countries,It would be my dream come true if I meet Gilly.He really rocks.I want gilly to see me whom I am seeing since a long long time.


Sachin,Rahul,Pieterson,Chris Cairns,Kumble-meeting these legends would be electrofying.

sachin tendulkar because he my favourite and he is one of the greatest batsman in cricket.i would like to meet him if i’am given a chance.even if he is in form or not in form,i like him very much and i’am such a fan of him.
and one more thing i would like to invite all the sachin fans to my friends group that is:sachinfansROCK.

Sachin, because he has been my childhood hero, and meeting him would be like a dream come true.

yuvi and bhajji i met so many times they are from my same state. i wanna meet sachin becoz he is my ideal and he is really a simple and good man and good cricketer.

I would love to meet Rahul Dravid….just because of the fact that he is &quot:Rahul Dravid&quot:

would love to meet Shane Warne coz I want to tell him to stop texting me or otherwise i am going to tell his secret to channel 9 LOL!!!

Sachin..always wanted to!

Sreesanth so i could go Disco Dancing with him

watch this……


Brad Hogg…
I just want to know why he keeps his tongue outta his mouth during bowling !
Do you know why he do so ?


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