Do you ever give your Contact or Fan list a good cleaning out?

I did. Checked out which ones were now suspended and cleaned out about 40 different profiles.

I do every time I start getting violation after violation…

I have but then I always have trouble getting my contacts back, I should clean it out now cause someone is reporting my old resolved questions but I havent decided if I care or not, that would be awful mean of me to take away their fun.

well, I deleted all my fans in a split second, I used to have 167 fans, now I have only 5 (because they re-added me back) But it’s okayy, it gives me more freedom to ask personal questions..without feeling like a lot of random strangers on the internet know about my life story..

Contacts, no. I only add a few people who I really like in my Contacts.

Fans, daily. If they’re new or suspended, I remove them.

I do, sometimes it is hard to keep up with it, but every once in a while I will clean out a few pages

I did that a few days ago. I also delete people who create an account &amp: request me, but they never use Y!A again. Never get points.

I did three days ago, and almost fainted by loosing so many fans ! Aren’t contacts great ? They immediately come right back to you !!!

No,I collect Grundles,Watermelons,AsUwish,and even have a few Jimbos and Buks.

It’s been a while since I did!


I know how dusty it is by now… Maybe I should one day.

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