Do the Mens Rights Activists on here on Gender Studies support Donald Trump for president?

I get the feeling they would.

After America voted for Bush (twice), I have no faith that a woman could ever win an election. If it came to a decision between Clinton and Trump, I think it’s clear. The American people would choose the nincompoop over the lady in the beige power suit.

I don’t think it has much to do with men’s or women’s rights activists. Sure, MRAs would vote Trump. But they would do so for more reasons than just because he’s the embodiment of the MRA dream. They would vote for him, because he wants to send Mexico the bill for the wall. And because he thinks foreign born men and women should be sent back to their country of origin (only if they are not white, of course).

I don’t think either feminoids or so-called &quot:men’s rights activists&quot: support him.

In fact, to be honest, I still can’t believe that he’s being taken seriously as a candidate at all. It’s not his awful politics – I’m a Marxian socialist, and I EXPECT different politics from the wealthy and their elected servants. But he seems… stupid, and shallow. A little crazy, and more than a little dishonest.

It’s hard for me to see the super-rich taking him as their representative to boss us around for them, like they did Obama and Bush Sr.

But then, I thought that about Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton, and definitely Bushie Jr, so what do I know?

Maybe this pompous, low-brainpower blowhard really CAN become president. Maybe we really ARE at the stage in the fall of the U.S. empire when the Emperor appoints his horse to the Senate.

And if it ends up to be Trump vs Hillary, well, we get a horse either way.

Actually, I support Hillary for POTUS. I’ve said so several times already. Thing is, I support her b/c I don’t think POTUS actually means anything anymore. No matter who we get, the rich get richer, the poor get poorer, we go to war for oil and women get more and more rights and privileges. If someone is going to be held responsible for all that, I’d like it to be Hillary. At least then I can laugh at the feminists who thought she’d fix anything. I look forward to pointing out that &quot:the patriarchy&quot: is now run by a man and watching them bend and twist like they always do.

Also, I’d just like to point out that MRA’s routinely bring facts to the table and we’re sorry b/c we know it’s rude b/c, as a feminist, you’re allergic to facts. Goes double for you, Kiki.

I am an MRA and I despise Donald Trump. The only thing he is good for is entertainment value.

And unfortunately, enough people take him seriously where that value is easily outweighed by the danger that he might actually win!

No one, no matter what his/her activist activities are, actually wants a loser like Trump in a position of power. At least not of they have an IQ over 60.

I’m not an MRA, but if I had to pick between Hillary and Trump…I might actually consider voting for Trump.

Hillary and her sneaky, corrupt methods deeply frightens me. If she wins election, our country is probably screwed. At least Trump is pretty overt about his biases and corruption. We’ll at least see it coming when it happens.

I do. But, not for the reasons you would think.

I’m Canadian, so my opinions won’t change much. But, I believe he is a candidate that knows how to create jobs. He has money and therefore can not be bribed.

I’ve seen sexist guys here say wonderful things about Trump but I can’t be sure they are MRAs. I think Trump does attract sexist guys, though.

Your &quot:feeling&quot: is irrelevant.

And as long as you are going to rig the question, why would any MRA answer?

lol with his attractive track record i bet they secretly do.

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