Cultures/Groups: It’s 00:03 here, why isn’t anything happening?

Lol, I was hoping that something DRASTIC would happen…if anything, just snow will come later on today. :/

Is anyone else disappoint?

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I heard the time for the end was 3:30 am west coast time, so wait till then, which will be 6:30 for you

Actually it has been 12/21 in other parts of the world for some time and nothing has happened…silly how ppl focus on the vapid forecasts for the world rather than the real problems that continue to exist and plague our world..ah, well such is humankind.

I guess it has to be december 21st in the time zone where Mayans existed, we still have 5 hours and 41 minutes!

00:07 now, nothing new…

I actually just came here to see how many people asked things like this… But I think there’s a storm over here and the wind is blowing super fast, I think im gonna die.

The world is supposed to end in 4 hours actually.

Oct 21 4772

maybe god only hates america…jk, jk. because the predictions are bogus. they said the same in 2000. fail. 2012. also a fail. i bet they’ll have a new one by next month, but instead of the mayans, it’ll be the aztecs, or the greeks, or romans, or egyptians, or freakin’ Napoleon dynamite. no man knows when it will end, and trying to guess will interfere with living life to the fullest. we’ll be worrying ourselves sick with constant fear of impending doom. when it happens, it happens, so we should all just stop guessing.

Its already 9:00am over here and im still breathing…..ugh, these Mayans! Never believed them in the first place

Have to be in the same time zone the Mayans were in.


Its not the 21st here yet 😮

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