Car cd player with usb ??

Are they any good ?
I want one for the USB port more than the cd player !
So I would just buy a ВЈ60 Ministry Of Sound one.
Could I put all my music I wanted onto a 4GB USB memory stick and then put that in the USB port on the car CD player?
What would the quality be like ?
Thanks for any help, it is appretiated, and best answer gets 10 points.

i have the ministry of sound cd player with USB and MSD card slot and it is brilliant.

i have a 4GB memory stick and at the moment i have 270 songs and another 2.56GB free.

It was easy to instul and to use.

hope that helps

It might be worth buying mutant cd player
for the money we was going for one but went divx dvd player for the kids .But there well worth a look check the link to motorworld out…

A very little more money but we was impressed.

As for the usb the sound on all these new units through the stick will be fine still.You can get a lot of sons on that sizein the right format.

I just bought 4 of them from AULDI they were only ВЈ39.99 great buy they also take memory cards aswell as the usb port.

ya the quality is the same as a cd i’d get one with an aux input aswell

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