Are there any cool Native american movies?

I’m looking for a very cool Native american war movie. You know one with like tomahawk battles and stuff.

The New World
The Last Of The Mohicans
Dances With Wolves

you got quite some reliable video clips from the natives right here. the only Jo couldn’t undergo in ideas is Kanehsetake: 270 years of Resistance. staggering action picture about my community. yet another one which would not get quite some play yet is likely truly one of the most precise action picture about us made in hollywood is The damaged Chain with Pierce Brosnan because the favorite indian agent William Johnson and Eric Schweig as Tyendenega. it shows how the Haudenasaunee were given sucked into the ingenious war

Dances with wolves

last of the mohicans! rawr

i think that’s what it’s called. you can google it i’m sure if it’s wrong google will correct it

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