Al Sharpton & Jesse Jackson apologies?

I’m no Imus follower by any means..but have you seen the Reverends Al Sharpton and/or Jesse Jackson publicly (or otherwise) apologizing for the detrimental things they said about the Duke guys? Have you ever heard them apologize for ANYTHING??????

They will not. They never apologized for calling the Jews Hymie’s, or the racist remakes during the Twana Brawly incident. There’s a double standard in this country that allows this. Who remembers the show All in the Family and how many times George Jefferson called Archie a Honky but not once was George called a Spook, or Ni**er or any other racist name. It’s been like that since in real life. Seems racism is a one way street now. A rapper or black comedian can call black girls Nappy Headed Hoes or derogatory remarks against other religions, races and ethnic groups and make millions of dollars but if a white does it all hell breaks loose. And by the way, to SUPAYPAH, yes the US Government has apologized and made restitution’s where applicable. I’m waiting for the black community to apologize for mugging me, snatching my mothers pocket book, robbing my sisters car and murdering my brother in law.

Nope. Al Sharpton’s days are over now. The Imus fallout will be the end of his &quot:career&quot:. Imus will be back even bigger than before.

Decent people are sick and tired of Sharpton and Jackson. We’re also tired of those who froth at the mouth when they here something they don’t like. Decent people hear things we don’t like from these others all the time.

No. Al Sharpton never said that he was sorry for anything that he has ever done! As to Jesse Jackson, NO HE IS NOT a Reverend or at least he should not be considered one, will never apologize for anything because he is not sorry!

No and they probably never will. Remember with the Duke thing. Sparpton I believe said he would pay for this girls education even if she made up the charges.

They never will! They are both opportunistic, freaks that only jump on &quot:issues&quot: that they seem to think will further their weak causes. Neither one has any B/al/l/s at all!

Never . They know exactly what they are doing . It’s called an agenda .

How about you evil MF’ers apologizing for slavery and the genocide of Native Americans?

True racists do not apologize. How sad.

Those nappy-headed ho’s won’t ever apologize.

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