Why aren’t there any Polygamist Ranches with women having multiple husbands?

And if there was one, would any of you ladies be a Polygamist?

I would definitely be a polygamist!!!!!!

But there’s a reason there are no &quot:Lady Polygamist Ranches.&quot:

Because a long time ago, probably in the Garden of Eden, Adam said, &quot: I can’t let her think she has any power&quot: (talking about Eve), so he tells Eve that she can’t get into heaven without him and that’s how all of this crap got started.

In truth I believe exactly as I stated above. Women have always been considered somewhat subservient because we have had no choice about bearing and nurturing children, therefore there were tasks we had to do whether we wanted to or not. Men have always had a choice about what they wanted to do or not to do.

Even back in the Caveman days, women were considered less than men because men provided nourishment because they were the hunters. As time went on, men were afraid that women might actually realize that we were the smart ones, so they started making up stories that just got bigger and more demanding on women.

As religion became more organized, men developed ways to make women believe that they could not please the gods if they were not aligned under a man. Women became fearful that they could not prosper unless they did what men said. There you go, that’s it in a nutshell.

Have you ever noticed that men will get together to make decisions and stick together, even if the decision is rather stupid. Women may make a decision, but they will turn on each other if they think that their contribution is not going to be recognized. Go figure!!

Because statistically women are willing to share if it causes her no grief.

Guys have an &quot:all or nothing&quot: motto, as a general rule, and are easily jealous.


No, not true. The reason there are no polygamist ranches with women in dominance is because generally polygamists have a religious taint to their sexual freedom, and there are few judeo-christiain religious branches that view the female as deserving that right.

I know that having two husbands would mean two incomes even three if I work, that means an awesome house without all of us busting our a**es to pay bills.

If a kid comes along we’d certainly be able to afford it, we could even probably hire someone to take care of it for us.

Better yet they could just get vasectomies before the marriage so we’d never have to put up with children at all.

I saw a cartoon of this in the paper once, four guys were sitting on the couch drinking beer and watching the game, and the woman comes in carrying bags and bags of groceries, and she says, &quot:You mean none of you took out the garbage???&quot: And beneath it it said &quot:Why women aren’t polygamists.

AHHHHHHHH Only if the men believed me to be an all powerful being that they could not hurt in any way lest they pay in horrible and terrible ways. Can you imagine spousal abuse at the hands of more than one man *yikes* what frail little woman could fight or even survive that oh no no no count me out. Give me a cat and a cabin in the woods, I’m good. LOL

Well there kinda are…Yak ranches….there is a group of nomades that had a problem… Yak’s need a lot of land to graze. As generations past, the land keep getting split…so to fix this issue. Women now marry all the sons of the family.

Would I no. I’m very happy with the one husband I have…dont need a second one.

We do, in a way..It’s called having lots of &quot:friends with benefits.&quot:
As for having them all live together, it’s irritating enough to have one man underfoot all the time.
Many a &quot:mistress&quot: is &quot:kept&quot: by more than one man. It’s sort of the same thing.

warrior… that is hilarious!!!!

As for the question… Hey, I’m game!!! It might be fun to give it a whirl. Of course if they were all ugly it wouldn’t be much fun… Just think.. a whole house full of studs…. OH H&amp:** YES COUNT ME IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It does exist, but not as common.
The problem with it is determining who the fathers of the children are.

LOL……Would that come with a prescription to some female viagra cause I don’t think I could handle all of that?

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