Why are so many Conservatives here itching for war with Iran?

Lots of posts from Cons demanding a war with Iran, and calling Obama weak for not attacking Iran.

Of course, if Obama does attack Iran, the Cons will criticize him for attacking and will say we have no business there.

Because they want some kind of &quot:war hero&quot: as President – notwithstanding the fact that they elected a pair of draft-dodgers back in 2000 – who promptly sent hundreds of thousands of people into combat, many of whom came back missing limbs, or returned in coffins.

Some ridicule Obama for bombing Libyan military targets, but they conveniently forget that not a single American died from enemy action – which is not the case in Afghanistan or Iraq. Apparently, an American has to die before some people will recognize a real danger.

The &quot:conservatives&quot: that you speak of need a reason to be proud of their country, even if it means at the point of a gun. Killing people isn’t much to be proud of.

Well for one, Taking down Iran will fix a lot of problem in the middle east because they are the driving force behind the whole anti-jew deal. Secondly war stimulates the economy

and they don’t look doing it for something so noble as preserving Israel (see link). that is an time table of the corporatist all on their own. Oil, useful economic company, truly all of an same issues they went after in Iraq and Afghanistan. guns of Mass Destruction my #%(^. regrettably Obama has shown that he’s not any more beneficial and has been including troops over seas at the same time as attempting to cajole his sheeple that he’s bringing our troops abode: my @#%#%. Ron Paul 2012!

Because they believe war is good for (our/their) economy. And maybe it is, if your stocks are all in weapons manufacturing or (like Lady Bird Johnson) in Huey helicopters, etc.

Because the blood of people of Afghanistan and Iraq didn’t quench your thirst?!

Yes, Obama is weak.

No, I have not seen one post urging war with Iran.

Because they’re either too old or too cowardly to join the military, so they have no problem saber rattling and sending our troops into battle, while they sit in their warm, cozy houses watching Glenn Beck!

The GOP has become the party of war.

Ironic to since the Republican party had a rich 100 year history of being Anti-War and ending wars, not starting them.

They r war_mongers. They r also trying set Obama up. They know how he feels about attacking other country unecessarily. He is a wise man.

Obama is a worthless president. He’s an embarrassing failure.

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