What’s a great used sports car under $12000 CAD?

I am a student and looking for a car. I’m not looking into performance but style and flare and i’m looking for something that looks great on the outside

DON’T buy mazda… especially Miata… It’s a lame car… 😀 Not for Guys… 😀
If I were you I wuld buy Mitsubishi Eclipse 1997-1999 (only those years!!!)
Actually I already have this car… 😀
This car looks cool, also it is pretty fast and it is not expensive…
You can get it for about 6000 $, so you will have extra 6000 $ what you can use to tune up that car as you like (new rims, vinyls etc!)
I think one of the best option for students!

Try to look in here… I found some offers that you can check!

you will hit upon a ninety 8-02 LS1 Z28, Trans Am, or formula for around that cost. Their all comparable in speed, yet a stripper (few suggestions) Z28 or a Ram-Air formula could be somewhat speedier out of the three. you’re able to additionally hit upon a ninety 3-ninety seven’s of the comparable fashions, yet they have an LT1 which isn’t as rapid. although, you’re able to desire to %. up an extremely dazzling one for decrease than $7K and make investments $3500 to have cam/heads/finished exhaust put in for you (inclusive of exertions) and have something to spice up the transmission. Mustangs are dazzling additionally, and that i’m particular you will get some Ford men in right here too, yet they do no longer look to be as effective inventory and heavily isn’t as rapid. i’ve got seen bone inventory LS1’s run 12.9-13.2’s interior the a million/4 and nonetheless get 26-28MPG. those have been the 6 speed fashions nonetheless, yet nonetheless. the two way, you will nonetheless be speedier than all the suggestions above. The 300ZX’s are dazzling, yet reliability is an argument, exceptionally with a speedier style. And heavily, a Prelude??? it fairly is a Sporty vehicle, yet by skill of no skill is it a activities vehicle.

12K out the door…. I’d say Mazda Miata or a VW GTI

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