What is your opinion on giving a child two middle names?

i’m not a fan. it’s a bit of an overkill and filling out paperwork could get messy especially if the names are hyphenated.

My sister and I both have two middle names (Lily Elizabeth Maeve &amp: Isabella Viola Kate) and it hasn’t really made any difference to anything. Two of our great grandmothers’ names were May &amp: Catherine, so the Maeve &amp: Kate parts are honouring them.

The only problem is that paperwork sometimes only has room for 1 initial, and sometimes documents clash, and you have to clarify it, but that’s not really a big deal. I feel like sometimes a 2nd middle name even polishes a name combo off, and makes it sound nicer.

I don’t know if I’ll give my kids 2 middle names – it’d honestly depend on the names and what their dad thought. Our step-mum is expecting a child in July, and she’s adopting the 2 middle names as well. If it’s a girl, she’ll be called Sophie Charlotte Delphine – Charlotte to honour mine &amp: Izzy’s mum, and Delphine to honour my step-mum’s grandmother (just like ours do)

I think its fine, it adds a bit more character and meaning to the name.

All my siblings and me have two middle names,
Lily Elizabeth Margaret
Thomas James Ralph
Sadie Claire Emily
Daisy Eleanor May
George William Hamish

Some say its stupid, but I think its pretty cool. It means you can use family members names as well as your own. The only slight problem is, both my middle names are quite long, so on some documents ( eg, my school timetable), it doesnt all fit on. So at the top of mine it says

Lily Elizabeth Marga

People were like &quot: your middle name is Marga!&quot:

I don’t see anything wrong with it, normally it is because children are named after other people, some times it can be special. Depending on the names that you choose to pair together- the name can go really well or it can be a bit of a mouthful. But over all, nothing is wrong with it just choose names carefully so it doesn’t sound funny.

I have two middle names, Brandon Alexander. Its pretty cool, convo starter during schools years for some people. But when you turn 18, i recently have, and there is all those paper work for college and stuff that give you room for one middle name, or one middle initial, its confusing what to do or what they want. Only down side.

Two middle names are great. Love them. But it’s kinda hard to really have a good combination.

I wanted to give our children 2 middle names, a family one &amp: then a name I liked.
My husband hated it though, so we settled for one.
I think its good, I have one, and I always felt great having 2 middle names.
Also gives a number of names to choose from haha!
i love it.

I’m not a real fan of it but a lot of people on here seem to like it. Sometimes the names can blend together into a nice combo. Not a big deal.

well I personallty have 2 middle names but it was just because my parents could not agree on one. My mom wanted lee and my dad wanted fiona so they decided on both. It is kind of annoying when things want your middle initial because I have to fit 2 in, but saying my name without both sounds weird lol

i think it would be cool i would love to have two middle names

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