What iPod/MP3/Music Player do you own?

(I know some people get picky and say, I don’t have an iPod!) Anyways, I’ve had 2 iPods so far and one MP3 player. Right now I have an iPod Nano 3rd Gen, but on Monday, I’ll be getting the new iPod Classic. ^_^ (For my 16th b-day) The iPod Classic will be undoubtebly the last iPod I get. IT’S 80! GIGS!!!!!!!!! jeez that’s a lot. I’ll never fill it up! (partially because i’ll never spend that much money on music LOL. can you say Limewire!?) (I do use itunes for almost everything though)
Oh and for any of you who own the new iPod classic, can you tell me how it is?

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