Thoughts on Gangster Rap and Death Metal Music?

This is for a assingment.

Trying to disprove the whole they’re bad and make kids kill each other rant about them.

It is up to their parents whether or not they listen to them. If the kids do have some problems it is not the fault of the music, but the fault of the parent. The parents are the ones who have done something wrong in the raising of their own kids. A person does not go mentally insane by just listening to music, there are always other problems involved. Not to mention the kids apparently got away with it from the parents who are complaining about it. It is not the fault of the hot stove for being hot, but your fault for putting your hands on it.

Music is an expression of the soul.It helps people cope with their problems.No matter what type of music your into its all good.Music is subjective.Who cares if others don’t agree with your personal taste.I am in a progressive metal band and enjoy all types of music.

Gangsta rap is atrocious. Death metal actually requires some talent and technicality. Though I hate the vocals.

Gangster Rap influences people in the Urban Community that it’s cool to sell/take drugs, carry a gun, and **** &quot:bit*ches).

Death Metal music is more of way for people to ease stress and control their anxiety.

Gangster Rap is all negative, nothing positive about it. Death Metal Music doesn’t have lyrics to tell people to shoot their &quot:homie in da head&quot:.

Note- All thumbs down by rap, afrocentrist, and pro-black people.

Well maybe find some songs that have good lyrics in them…. I think the key is analyzing lyrics and then finding examples of people that were not affected by that music.

The music does not make kids kill each other. It can make violence seem cool to them.

im listening to death metal right now lol 🙂

Heavy metal

Gangsta rap

as long as they use headphones I am fine with it.
if I can hear it from my home, I am calling the cops.

if you ask me no music can cause anyone to kill anyone, but gangsta rap and death metal do suck

Both genres are too extreme for me…
I can’t relate to those genres at all..

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