Survey: Have you ever felt a &quot:very nice kinship&quot: with your contacts?

…I mean…I’ve been online for 15 years now, and I never have experienced a very cool feeling like the feeling I get from my contacts…anybody relate…?

…It’s almost like a huge group of very cool people have found that this website is a very cool way to help others, and be helped themselves in a way that no other website can provide, and I count laughter and lighthearted comraderie as being two of the best ways people can help each other…

I don’t mean to be gooshy, but…

I really love all you people…does anybody feel the same way?

(And I’m a tough guy, so what does this question tell you?)

That we are all very cool…agree or disagree?

Totally agree. Love you too! *smooch*

yeah, i know what u mean ..and before this site i didn’t know i could feel soo close to people online!!!

[email protected] Pocket … too cool !!
Can’t you just FEEL the luv ?

Well, look at it this way, nobody here is on my Christmas list. (But then again, I don’t have a Christmas list.)

Yes, not just nice but special…

no but i do have a few close friends on stardoll

C’mere!… let me give you a big ol’ GAY hug….mmmmmmph!… there.

Don’t make me spank you. Much.


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