Salvage 05 scion tc for a 16 year old?

So im turning 16 pretty soon and I’ve been looking at tc’s. Unfortunately, my parents gave me a spending limit of $6,500. I really like these cars and all i can find under $6500 are restored salvage titles. I live in AZ and in order to get a restored title the mvd has to inspect before anyone can drive it again so maybe thats a good thing idk. My parents told me It’s okay for me to have a little problems with it because my older siblings had cheap cars that had problems with them too and my brother in law can fix pretty much everything on cars so it would get fixed. So overall would this be a good car for a small town girl to have for two years?

Depends on why it was salvaged. $6,500 will buy a pretty decent non salvaged car though.

If you buy a salvage car you might as well drive it til it dies because you wont get anything trying to sell it.

A salvaged car is a bad idea. Salvage doesn’t just mean it’s been in an accident, it means that an insurance company has deemed the car to be worthless. This typically happens when a car sustains damage that will cost more to fix than what the car is worth. A salvage title means that the owner has somehow made the car &quot:road-worthy&quot: and wants to sell it. This usually involves using cheap labor and shoddy parts. Shady mechanics can get the car to pass inspection, just to have it break down a few weeks later. It will be more trouble than it is worth.

You may have a brother-in-law that will fix whatever goes wrong with it for free, but that won’t help you if the brakes fail or your exhaust leaks while you are driving it. Think about your safety girl.

That being said, the Scion tC is an effing awesome ride for the money.

Buying a salvage scion tc is not a bad idea. Just make sure the seller can show pictures of how the car looked before it was repaired.That way you can see what kind of damage the vehicle suffer and from there you can decide. Just don’t buy a car that had damage in the wheels because even if it gets repair the car will never drive the same.Also look for any frame damage.

Another thing you can do is buy it from an auction and have it repair.

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