Registry cleaning on Windows Vista it’s safe?

Can I clean or fix the registry in windows Vista ?……

If you need to ask this question, then it’s not safe for you to do it yourself.

Hiring someone with the proper expertise to do it for you, would probably cost more than replacing most PCs.

Using an application to clean and repair the Registry is hit and miss, because many of them do more damage than they repair. Unless your Registry is corrupted to the point that necessary applications won’t run, it’s too risky.

(I have an application that I trust for this purpose, but it has been discontinued, and is NOT available for Vista.)

If you MUST use an application to clean and repair the Registry, make sure that the version you obtain is updated for Vista, and learn how to backup and restore your Registry BEFORE you begin. System Restore won’t do it, and many backup programs won’t do it, either.

I’m not sure about Vista in this regard, but reinstalling Windows or restoring Last Known Good Configuration in previous versions usually did not correct Registry problems, regardless whether they already exist or are caused by a botched repair.

be very careful, if you don’t know what your doing, it could be trouble!
why do you want to clean registry? if your trying to get rid of files that you don’t want anyone else to see then just do a disk clean up in your local disk
good luck

yaph why not………….

if u make any unwanted mistake
first make a restore point then do that …….

if problem comes ……..VISTA will recover it …..
don’t worries its VISTA dude ……..nothing wrong happened in VISTA

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