Now that Obama’s approval rating is at 41%, how do the liberals feel?

Another 5% and this clown is in Bush country. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

oh, heres your link.

Actually, Bush was at 27%… and Rasmussen is a conservative polling company, I’m sure they came up with a delightful way of phrasing the questions… I’ll find out what his poll of polls rating is and get back to you

The liberals will only discount the source of this poll. They know 0bama sucks, but they will never admit it.

Still better then Bush. I’m not an Obama fan but he’s better then Bush.…

People with brains understand that opinion polls are meaningless. This isn’t high school anymore.

OK. – Sometimes I feel like a nut. Sometimes I don’t.

We don’t care because we don’t have some strange obsession with agreeing with everyone else. We enjoy thinking for ourselves.


It will only get worst….

Tao says

They’ll just say Rasmussen isnt credible.

Edit: TruthSeeker and Franco just proved me right : )

why would I care? It’s not my approval rating.

I feel fine thanks for asking neo-cons

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