It seems like Roman Catholic schools teach evolution. Why don’t they buy into evangelical creationism?

My RC school as a kid and now I noticed my kid’s RC school both teach evolution. Why haven’t Catholics bought into the whole creationism fad?

Because creationism is just BS. I am a Catholic but I am also a scientist. And I feel that neither science nor religion can fully explain the creation of the universe and thus go together in their attempt to explain it.

I don’t know what they’re doing in the parochial schools now, but when I was in RC school, they taught both. I thought that was good that they covered everything and didn’t censor it. Nothing wrong with that at all. What exactly are you talking about with &quot:Why haven’t Catholics bought into the whole creationism fad&quot:? I wasn’t aware of this or that it was a &quot:fad&quot: – oh, well, I’m getting more and more out of touch all the time. Must be getting old, after all. (lol!)

Statistically it’s only in the US where so many Christians deny the Theory of Evolution: &quot:A survey of 32 European countries, the US and Japan has revealed that only [Islamic] Turkey is less willing than the US to accept evolution as fact.[1]&quot: In every other instance the majority of the population accept it. Certainly there’s no peer reviewed paper which refutes it.

I keep seeing posts saying &quot:Catholics aren’t Christians&quot:. Rather strange considering first that the only reason the Arabic cult of Christianity survived in Europe was because of the late Roman Empire (hence the ‘ROMAN Catholic Church’), &amp: second that the Roman Catholic Church is the biggest of the Christian organizations.

The Church understands that parts of the bible are meant to be taken literally, and parts are not because they were written in other modes. We also do not think of the bible as a science textbook.

The Catholic Church was instrumental in bringing the scientific method to civilization. The Church understands that science is nothing to fear when placed beside faith. The more we learn about the universe, the more we learn about God.

The Church does believe the bible to be God’s inerrant word….but not always God’s LITERAL word.

The Creationist Movement is most prominent in the United States.
Resulting from their misuse of The Freedom of Religion and Capitalism, They have the power of money and no idea of what Science really is.
The Catholics, like many religions, have accepted Evolution because of the abundant overwhelming scientific knowledge, experience, and data.

We learn about creation in religion class. Actually, I take biology right now and my teacher skipped over the chapter about evolution. But I’m pretty sure that it would be illegal to teach creationism in science class…

Catholics do believe in Creation Theory. You may need to do more digging perhaps they are giving both theories to the children to allow them to see the folly of evolution.

Because they don’t see a contradiction between biological evolution and their faith in god.

The late Pope stated in 1996, &quot:Truth cannot contradict Truth&quot:.

The only people who are by definition incapable of reconciling the fact of evolution occurring with Christianity are Biblical literalists who believe that the Bible is inerrant.

Also, evolution accounts for the diversity of life, not its origin, so from a Christian view it doesn’t have to refute divine creation, only the literal Genesis account.

Good question. The Catholic Church believes that God created everything, but that evolution might have been the tool by which He created. We believe that Genesis is not meant to be scientific, but explanatatory. It tells us THAT God created, WHAT God created, but not HOW God created. The literal Genesis creationist idea is Protestant, not Catholic.
God bless and Merry Christmas

Ever heard about that little incident that happened with Galileo and the Catholic church a few hundred years ago?


They learned their lesson the hard way, but at least they learned. You can’t dictate natural law with scripture. I wonder how badly the scientific establishment needs to embarrass the Evangelicals before they get the message.

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