Is the dichotomy that Christians often regurgitate, “God did it or it’s all an accident,” a false dichotomy?

Christians will often repeat the things that their religious instructors prattle on about during their weekly Sunday morning indoctrination sessions. They say things like, “Look at all the beauty in this world: it can’t all be just an accident!” Do you think they’re being deliberately dishonest (as usual) when they say things like this? I mean, no one says the universe is all just an accident. No one says evolution is all just an accident. So what the hell are they arguing about when they say this? Isn’t it like saying, “Look at all the water in the ocean: it can’t all just be an ice cream cone!”?

Then once something terrible happens it’s…….things happen.

Sexual orientation has shown to be a mixture of genetic and environmental factors. Now the main reason that ‘choice’ has become such an issue in the religious debate regarding sexuality is that for something to be sinful it must be chosen. If it is not a choice then it makes as much sense as God condemning someone for the color of their skin. The main reason homosexuality is condemned is much the same reason masturbation is condemned. When the versus were originally written, it was during a time when the Jewish people wanted children. In the ancient world, homosexuality wasn’t uncommon and it wasn’t condemned in most civilizations. However the result of such activities produce no children. The Jewish people at the time understood that semen was necessary to produce children, and it became sacred to them in that to waste seed was to become an abomination. Now the Jews cared about children because they wanted to increase the population. More people means more power right? Well that was the original purpose behind it. There are a number of other versus in Corinthians that condemn pork, and shellfish. Why? Because they were dangerous to eat at the time. Now, it’s just an out of date piece of. . . *ahem* Now as to why people care so much about homosexuality but not shellfish when they’re both abominations and only a few versus apart in the good book. People care for the same reason they dislike cross dressers that are straight, the same reason calling a group a boys ‘sissy’ is an insult. It is an innate sexism against women. For a man to act feminine is wrong, to be called feminine an insult, to be anything associated as a woman, or less than a woman is considered an insult. It’s an underlying tone of sexism at its finest in modern society.

Have you been reading Plato? =P

But I’m not sure I agree with you (though i am an atheist)

If it’s not an accident then that implies that someone made it. And that implies that that someone is god (it doesn’t have to be the powerful, all good god you’re thinking of in christianity) it could just be some alien scientist creating his own little universe and we’re in a bubble and what seems like forever to us really isn’t.

But really there are only two options, someone made us or it was an accident. Though an accident also implies that someone had to commit the accident so indirectly someone made us.

Maybe I’m missing your point, Desiree. It seems to me the universe either is itself uncaused or it is caused by something. And I’m referring to the pre-bang condition as well. If it is caused, it must either be intentionally caused or unintentionally so. Is there a third option you’re aware of? Granted, evolution is not &quot:random&quot:. It operates according, ultimately, to the laws of physics. But these laws are either blind or not. Right? If both the universe and the life within it are the result of blind forces, isn’t that the same as saying they are accidental? Surely nobody intended for them to happen according to you.

Asking these questions doesn’t feel dishonest. They seem perfectly reasonable to me. Does the fact that you have no answer for them make me somehow a liar? I don’t see how that makes any sense at all.


Well, sort of. I think they are (in their minds) responding to atheistic (read: scientific) views and theories.

So, no, I don’t think they all are being deliberately dishonest.

I don’t get the ice cream cone bit, though. As far as I know, neither atheists nor Christians have anything against oceans or ice cream cones.

Nooooo! Atheists, mockers and scoffers keep SAYING that Christians say that! It’s all a big lie! You’re just parroting and repeating what other liars have been saying, putting words in the mouths of Christians! That’s both rude and unsanitary, and you’ve joined the others in building this straw man by asking this question!

Now, please pay attention – you might just learn something!

If you have a question about your teeth, you need to listen to your dentist, not your car mechanic!

If you have a question about your bank account, you need to listen to your banker, not your plumber!

If you have a question about Christianity, you need to listen to what Christians say, not what other mockers and scoffers say, because they’re all just full of hot air! They talk about things they obviously know absolutely nothing about, and they only make a mockery of themselves, and thinking themselves wise, they become quite the contrary!

&quot:When the blind lead the blind, they both fall into the ditch&quot: so quit listening to the lies that mockers tell when they try to answer questions that a Christian should answer! It’s as foolish as ignoring your banker and taking financial advice from a swindler!

The idea is that somehow we got here. Christians say God is how. People who believe in evolution say we got here because of Science.

It is based on this idea

If you believe science started it all… there is still a why. Why are we here. What caused the singularity? Why does science have order? If you believe its not God it is fate…. What is the difference? Or if you believe we are here for a purpose or good… there is still a question of where did purpose or good come from? If you believe there truly is no reason why we are here… then you believe in an accident.

from my understanding, the most accepted scientifc theory for the creation of the world is the &quot:big bang theory&quot: which relies wholly on coincidence. If it wasn’t a coincidence, then it was somehow predetermined. By what? By an intelligence (God) That is my personal belief. I think the world is too intricate to have been created through an explosion, and if that explosion did happen, where did the atom come from that started it all?

Of course it’s a false dichotomy as no actual dichotomy exists, the possibilities are nearly endless.

Maybe aliens did it, maybe some impersonal force that isn’t &quot:God-like&quot: did it, maybe this is all one really lucid dream, nothing more than the figments of our imaginations.


Because if there is no form of the Numinous, Spiritual, God, or god(s),
then there is no forces behind Evolution or the creation of the universe.

Hence it all happened by chance, or another word for chance being : accident. . .

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