Is Obama the smartest man in the world?

I heard a Democrat on TV say that he thinks Obama is the smartest man in the world. Is this true. You think he is smarter than Jesus was?

Hussein is a moron.

He definitely is not smarter than Jesus. He is by far not the smartest man in the world. If he was the smartest man in the world he would see how crazy most of his ideas are on how to run the government.

Some users when answering this always seem to use a race card. Same ol’ rhetoric. Amazing! It took FDR almost 7 or 8 years to solve the economic situation during the Great Depression. It will take Obama, or the next president, 3 or 4 more years to stabilize this economy following the Great Recession. Obama is stable and makes wise decisions when our security depends upon it. That is another important issue that the GOP has no answer for.

How about devious and subtle..? sneaky.

He is a product of being a leech on society with all of his grants for his education, to further his agenda in Marxism, Islam, and just plain destroying our Beloved America.
If you will notice he is purposely doing the opposite of what he should be doing. If he can find a way to burden the taxpayers he will. He is a freeloader and frankly I don’t like him at all..

Smarter then Jesus, I think not. Even I am smarter then this clod. I did not vote for him.

My daughter is a member of the Mensa Society with an IQ of 140. Obama certainly does not belong in that lofty position.
She didn’t vote for him either.

Chairman obama doesn’t have a clue. Smarter than Jesus……… he isn’t smarter than a rock let alone Jesus. The only reason that a democrap would say that is because they are one in the same. Clueless embarrassments to not only themselves but to America. The day obama is the smartest man in the world is the day I sell my soul to the devil.

Yes, Obama is the smartest man in the history of the world. He knows what is best for all of us. We must follow him without question. All hail Obama! We need to have pictures and statues of him on every street corner. We all need to have pictures of him in our homes. Our school children should sing songs about him in school every day. Just like they do for Kim in North Korea.

I think he’s just a really good con man – isn’t that what they do make you think your getting a great deal when you should have just remembered – that if it sounds to good to be than it probably isn’t true. He’s probably the smartest of the people who voted ( and committed voter fraud) for him though.

I read somewhere Obama’s IQ is 125. If that’s true,he’s very bright but not the smartest-gifted at most.

Stephen Hawking was the smartest man in the world, but Obama’s not far behind him.

Here, drink the kool-aid….and you TOO will think he is the smartest man on earth….No, really, it won’t hurt, and if it does we will have universal government run health care….all you have to do is stand in a line that runs from detroit to boise…Not a long wait…..Here, have another glass…..

Possibly, but he has the moral fibre of a jellyfish, he is just the latest of a long line of corporate frontmen.

As for Jesus, he’s as smart as you want to be, he is a figment of the imagination.

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