is Obama Muslim, sarah said he had links to some possible terrorist palasteniens?

is Obama Arabic, Sarah Palin before yesterday said that he has links to some terrorists? is it correct? she really changed my mind.
McCain and sarah are very decisive and strict toward terrorsit i am sure if obama become president the security of us us will be under danger, do u agree with me or not?

Sarah Palin was lying, as usual.

Obama is not Muslim, not an Arab or any of the other racist lies that have been thrown around. He is American, born in Hawaii. His mother was white, his father was black. He is mixed ethnicity.

The ‘links to terrorists’ lies refer to two people. One is Bill Ayres, who was a radical back when Obama was 8 years old. He was never convicted, and is now a respected author and university professor. The links to Ayres are pretty loose at best.

The other guy they were trying to link Obama to actually founded a group that received over $800,000 in donations from a committee that McCain chairs. So that was just a stupid lie.

The whole ‘palls around with terrorists’ charge is just a despicable and racially motivated attack on an honorable United States Senator.

I think that John McCain his dishonored himself by surrounding himself by racists, liars, and people willing to say or do anything to hurt Barack Obama. If they are such a great alternative to the Democrats, why are we hearing almost entirely smear attacks, and not good ideas for improving our nation?

how stupid you can be.. first understand that ”not all arabics are muslims” and ” not all muslims are arabic”.. it is not the religion of a race or a nation.

Secondly, even if he was a muslim, it doesnt make hima terrorist. Geoge bush was 10 times more terrorist than obama if you consider the fact that he killed millions of innocent man.

No he’s not Muslim. Nor has he ever been Muslim. Unfortunatley a lot of the stuff comming out of the McCain/Palin camp are lies. He was raised by all white people. How many white people do you know that are Muslim? Not to say there is no white Muslim but really. Check your facts before you vote.

First understand what terrorist means.

Terrorists are those who bring TERROR to other people. Muslims are not terrorists. They are simply defending themselves.

In Palestine, Palestinians are fighting for THEIR land and THEIR homes. That doesnt make them terrorists. The real terrorists there are the Zionists. THEY are the ones bringing terror to Palestinians. THEY are the ones ordering massacres on defenceless people.

All that aside — Obama is not Muslim. Obama supports Israel:…

What you are implying in this question is that all Muslims are terrorists. Thats like me saying all white people are in the KKK….

please get off the Sean Hannity short bus.

I hope you aren’t old enough to vote if you are thinking of changing your mind at the last minute because of a LIE that was dispelled a long time ago.

Obama has friends who were labeled as terrorists but never convicted of terrorism, so i can care less.

McCain has rumored to be backed by Al-Qadea so watch your vote

It wouldn’t matter if he was Muslim because it’s not the Muslims that are the terrorists.

Sarah Palin is a **** talker.

Sarah is wrong. Obama is a Christian.

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