Is it legal to teach about Jesus in a 9th grade world history class?

I am in PUBLIC SCHOOL!!! and my teacher is constantly talking about Jesus

It is only legal if they are talking about Jesus in the context of the social implications of the religions that follow his teachings. World history is the history of societies throughout time and place. Therefore, religion is a part of that. However, they should not be teaching you that &quot:Jesus came again and taught such and such lesson, etc&quot: or that &quot:You should believe in Jesus because otherwise you won’t go to heaven&quot: etc — that isn’t relevant to your history class.

If there are students from other religions who doesn’t believe in Jesus, and your Teacher still talks about Jesus in class, and the students including yourself feels uncomfortable about it. Report your concern to the Assistant Principal or Dean or your Guidance Counselor. Don’t report unless your World History class has a topic about Jesus. Then, that would be a learning process rather than a complaint.

Yes, it’s perfectly legal. My history classes in high school all touched on religious topics, especially when I was studying the middle ages. Teachers are allowed to teach about religion in the role of history, but they should be talking about all religions. Depending on the curriculum, you may learn about one more than another.

Now, if your teacher is trying to get you to convert, then it is inappropriate for studies.

Yes. Religion has greatly impacted the history of our world. As long as the teacher is being purely informative is relative to the topic you’re discussing then it’s perfectly fine. This would be true of any religion, not just Christianity. Your instructor should NOT, however try to press his or her religious views on you – because that would be inappropriate.

Yes. because he is the founder of Christianity. Christianity is one of the most widespread religions on earth. They also teach about Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha) because he is the founder of Buddhism, and Muhammad because he was the founder of Islam. its just history. Even if you don’t believe in Christianity, Jesus DID exist and was a part of history, just like Siddhartha and Muhammad. So he should be taught about in history class.

The teacher might be putting more emphasis on Jesus because she/he probably knows more about Jesus and Christianity because they probably are Christian. I’m just guessing this because a majority of americans are Christian.

No! It’s not ”illegal” If you do not want to listen to it then you excuse your self from the class by talking to a counselor. and honestly do not get me wrong but Americans are annoyed by everything. OK hes talking about Jesus, So what? Who says you have to listen.

Atleast he’s teaching you something New.

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If you haven’t already, tell your principle and your parent. I know this is sneaky, but if you can record her that would help you. Lots of adults don’t trust teens so having that would lend credibility to your complaint.

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