Is a newspaper owned by Rupert Murdoch above the law?

The News of the World is said to have criminally accessed thousands of private telephone messages.
Murdoch’s newspapers make and break governments, are the authorities afraid of him?

It seems that in Britain the law only applies to the working class.

Actually, the Telegraph is owned by the Barclay Brothers [1] and the Mail (ugh, spit), the paper that supported Hitler before the second world war [2] is owned by Associated Newspapers [3]. In the UK, Murdoch owns the Sun and the Times [4].

Mmm, I think it depends how much he is throwing to the MP’s.. Nobody is above the law but some folk are able to influence the lawmakers with huge pots of cash.. This has been the case for many centuries and seems set to continue. until there is an independant body, with no reason to gain from anything that they might discover.. In the UK, it’s time that all of this nonsense was put to rest for good, so that the public can re-gain confidence in the folk who have been voted to look out for us..

Rupert Murdoch is a loathsome foreigner. I don’t buy anything to do with him. Foreigners should not be allowed to own a British Newspaper.
I don’t mean to say that all foreigners are loathsome, just Murdoch.

NOTW journalists have already been gaoled for phone tapping. According to the Guardian, that was only the tip of the iceberg and they are all at it. If there’s enough evidence, a lot more of them will go down. Shame we can’t gaol the proprietor – but we could always nationalise Sky and give it to the BBC.

Nothing and no-one is above or immune from the law,however the law can be circumvented ,twisted,corrupted and bastardised,as is being proved with the MP,s ,the bankers,financiers,top police officials,civil servants,etc etc.My thoughts—-the general public should be armed.

anybody with large amounts of money or power is above the law

if people are poor they can be sent to prison for things such as no tv licence or failing to pay their council tax due to lack of money
that is the law of the land
rich – good innocent
poor – bad criminal


Scotland Yard now saying NO investigation!

Does that make them guilty through doing nothing?

Or are they being paid off by Murdoch?

Corruption lies at the heart of many and seeing as the government are as corrupt as they come, who is going to stop him? They all scratch each others backs but in their arrogance and folly they forget the watched is also watching and waiting…

They think they are. They think it’s okay to break the law, as long as you say ‘it was in the public interest’.

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