Is 2012 just another Y2K?

Honestly, do you think there is anything to be worried about? Or is it just another Y2K?

Much speculation around this supposed dooms day has elevated to the point where it has everyone scared stiff of the world coming to an end..the parties most responsible for this dilemma are The Mayan culture, they are indeed shrouded in mystery and not much has been left to history to be able to interpret. The only surviving manuscripts were collected by Spanish clergy and taken to Spain. They managed to make their way to Dresden Germany and after WWII they were rediscovered. The Dresden Codex as it is referred to was eventually deciphered and found that it contained astronomical calculations the likes of which have never been seen in such detail and accuracy . What has been interpreted is that the Mayans calculated a 26,000 year galactic alignment of the Milky Way. They also concluded their calendar in the year 2012, December 21st to be exact. Which falls on the Winter solstice. The Mayans never made any predictions of the end of the world, it is just what others have interpreted it to be and that there will be such an alignment of the galaxy leads some to believe that it could be devastating. There is no materiel to gather any such predictions that have already come true. I will say that there are several individuals throughout history who have made dire predictions for man kinds future and that the Mayans have contributed to this by their galactic alignment prediction just adds to the mystery of what could happen. We simply do not know what will and that individuals and cultures throughout history have made such predictions is compelling . To say they are coincidental is hard to say. I guess we will all see soon enough. If it is the fate of man to perish in this way… be it…..until then let’s not panic needlessly……..

Not even.

I don’t know if you remember Y2K or not, but it was a lot worse than this. Uncle Sam was paying overtime to any computer geek who could hold a pen just to insure the systems wouldn’t turn back to 1888 or something, and they risk all that money that they extort from people ever year. Well, that and the FBI/CIA/Homeland security files on every American, so they can falsely charge them of being terrorists at some point.

For 2012, and all the other hoax ‘end of time’ stunts that are being played, they couldn’t care less. For that matter, they haven’t even bother to load a space shuttle up for Obama and all them, for when the asteroid heads toward earth and they can’t nuke it, like they’ve been predicting since the late 1970s or so (publicly).

All you have to do is watch these ants work, and you will see if there is anything to worry about. We still have nuclear fallout shelters left from the 1950s, just for the government types, not the poor citizens. This was a risk with the Bay of Pigs, and Cuba, way back under Kennedy, and they’re not gone yet. So, wouldn’t they be the ones to watch IF there was anything else going to happen? You see, in ANY government, the people are expendable, but they must protect the government, so it can rule the corpses left rotting afterward. This is ‘acceptable losses’ as they say, and they don’t care.

Don’t worry. The poor Mayans couldn’t see their own future, so why would they have seen this? Or, maybe they did, and took the first alien shuttle off the mud ball before it was controlled by psychotic apes.

As other posters have stated, Y2K had a legitimate basis in act: The Doomsday fans just whipped it up into a scare story as usual. 2012 is a number. Nothing more. There is nothing that suggests that anything is going to happen beyond the same old crud. The Age of Aquarius was supposed to be a grand awakening of some kind. Instead we seem to be even more asleep…and the Doomsday-obsessed idiots are getting almost orgasmic over their fantasies of worldwide genocide.

I honestly do think that 2012 is just another Y2K. I highly doubt the world is going to end. But thats just me.

Y2K all the way. I expect that the major corporations are going to create a scare to profit off of it though.

The ancient Mayans never even said that the world was going to end there. They just said that there would be big changes. They didn’t even say that the changes were going to be bad. They just said there would be big changes after the 2012 winter solstice.

yeah, it’s just another end of the world scare. We have those every decade or so. It used to be that it was just a small cult here or there but due to mass media and the internet they can grow much larger than previously.

Nothing to be worried about. My friend and I are even making shirts that say &quot:I Survived 2012!&quot: to wear afterwards!

if you go to church you would have known the truth , the world will not end until the bible is fulfilled. and another thing no one knows when the world will end! only God alone known that and when the world comes to an end that is when he’ll come for us.

read your bible dude! especially Revelations 🙂

Its gonna end sometime, why not 2012

You have the date wrong. The latest stupidity is 2011. Keep up.

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