i think i have a crush on my friend’s younger sister, what should i do?

i kind of like my friend’s little sister, my friend and i are 17 and his little sister is 16. she’s pretty cute and i talk to her some over aim and have fun/semi-flirty conversations with her, but her brother (my friend) doesn’t know that. usually whenever i’m over she’ll end up hanging out with us and talking to me. but i don’t know what to do, i mean, we have a kind of fun little friendship going on, but i don’t know what my friend would think of the situation. i would want to hang out with her more, but i don’t really know how to tell her or her brother that i like her. what do you think i should do? i’m afraid that he might make fun of me or something

You probably will not end up being with this girl more than two or three years max – if you dated. If you think your male friendship with her brother will last longer, end the crush. If you think you guys will grow apart, ask him if he minds if you consider dating his sister.

Make sure in your mind and heart that you are a great guy and that you will not betray her trust.
Continue hanging out with her and when the right opportunity arises hint that you are interested in her. If you agree the feeling is mutual, then you two could figure out a way to let her bother know about the whole deal.
Good luck.

Ask your friend is it alright if you ask her out, it’s just good mannors and your friend will think so too. There’s nothing wrong with having a crush by the way, and it won’t end your friendship, if it does then your friend is not worth having. Don’t worry about it.

Man you sound like my brother best friend.. My brother’s best friend and I have been dating for like six weeks right and my brother is cool with it. At first we used to deny liking each other and everytime they hung out I was with them b/c we were around the same age group. Eventually we told my brother and at first he was mad but he eventually warmed up to the idea and jokes that they’ll finally be brothers.

Maybe you should give it a shot..

hope i helped 🙂

It relies upon on how plenty youthful she is then you. on account which you’re sixteen im assuming you’re probably in Gr10 or 11. If she is in Gr8 then it will be okay on account which you will the two be in extreme college this september and he or she would be waiting to be contained in the comparable extreme college with you and a Gr9 going out with a Gr11 or 12 is positive, in spite of the fact that if im uncertain how your pal will sense approximately this. If she invites you interior sooner or later in simple terms sit down on the settee and watch television, if she sits on the brink of you attempt to attach to her (yet do no longer F*** her) or some thing and tell her to no longer tell her brother and probably she would be waiting to be over or you, or you would be over her. in simple terms my suggestion.

just have a simple conversation with your friend who cares if he makes fun of you at least you know you really like his sister and ask if it would be okay if not just go for it, anyway i went out with my friend older brother she didnt care.

if you really like her don’t worry bout what your friend thinks if this were any other girl it’d be okay but just cuz it’s his lil siter he’ll think it’s funny?
with her just tell her how you feel if she’s a real friend she won’t &quot:crush&quot: you
you could always have this hidden feeling and never say anything and most likely nothing will happen but if you say something you have a beeter shot at acctually dating her

If her brother is a very good friend of yours i don’t think it will be a problem. Also make sure if you think that there’s something more than friendship on behalf of her. talk to both openly i don’t think it’s a probem… Good luck!

end this crush somehow but remain friends with her-be more like a brother to her-it could end up ruining your friendship with her brother

If you think she likes you. You should ask her out. Cause this friend of my brother’s i like him alot and i wish he would ask me out.

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