How many &quot:rednecks&quot: down South are actually part black or Native American?

That was in interesting story about surprising ancestral connections (Thormoud, Sharpton, etc.). I can’t help but wonder how many white people in the south (US) actually have some black ancestry. If you think about it, blacks lived there for hundreds of years as slaves, and there was some mating going on, which was usually similar to rape, but the end result is still genetic mixing. Not only that, but consider the Native Americans and the Mexicans (who were part Native American to begin with). There was definitely some mixing there too. Bush is from Texas, and he’s probably part Aztec or Mayan or something.

What kind of question is this? Anyway, to people who said they’re is no pure white race anymore…you’re crazy. Just go to Europe and see all of the pure white people walking around. You don’t have to be KKK to be a pure blooded white American. I come from an upper class Southern family and I know my family pedigree like the back of my hand. I am 100% certain that all of my ancestors were white. And to the asker, you don’t have to be from the south to be a &quot:redneck.&quot: I’m certainly not a redneck, but I’ve seen more in northern states than I ever have in the south. For your information, THE BUSH FAMILY IS FROM CONNECTICUT, SO IF THERE WAS ANY MIXING IT WAS PROBABLY WITH PEAQUOT NATIVE AMERICANS AND NOT AZTECS.

There’s nothing wrong with being part black or Native American, its just that I happen to know that I’m not (at least not for the past 1,000 years).

In the southeastern united states, in the area of north Florida, Alabama and some parts of Georgia, there was during the 1800’s an ethnic group that consisted of intermarried blacks, whites, and Indians existed, and I am sure similar groups existed elsewhere. I can’t remember what they were called — my grandfather told me one name, but it doesn’t come to mind. Some sources call that group Melungeons, but I am not sure that’s accurate. At any rate, the Indian groups that intermarried with whites and blacks in the area are are fairly wide-set group: Mashpee, Pequot, Wampanoag, Narragansetts, Mohegan, Shinnecock, Poosepatuck, Chickahominy, Mattapony, Nansemond, Pamunkey, Potomac, Rappahanock, Machepunga, Eastern Creeks, Eastern Choctaw, and Chitimacha, collectively referred to as &quot:Mestee&quot:. According to the source below: There are several groups which derive from French or Spanish mixes. The &quot:white&quot: Creoles of Louisiana are French and Spanish with a little Indian and black and the Cajuns are French and Indian with a little black, but neither group will admit the black and they have been accepted as white. The &quot:colored&quot: Creoles of Louisiana and the Creoles of Alabama and Mississippi are a mix of French and Spanish with a lot of black and a little Indian. Also there are many Mestizo groups in the Southwest or from Latin America. These groups, with their Spanish or French names, are quite distinct from the Mestees originating in the eastern United States.

From what I recall from talking to my grandfather before he passed, our family was part Creek, and descended from a white man named Eddins or Edens, who spent his time, as far as I can tell, populating much of that area on his own &lt:grin&gt:.

Who knows… we’re all mutts when it comed down to it, and probably better off for it.

You never know what you can find in your ancestral background. I know I recently found out I have Italian blood in me, and if I go further back I’m sure I’ll find some other races and ethnicities. Another interesting fact is that during the period of slavery, when some of the slaves had escaped there were some so light skinned that they could pass for white. How many of them married, and never told their spouse about their ethnic background?

I am proud to be of original &quot:Redneck&quot: heritage. The term &quot:Redneck&quot: derives from an incident in British history when the crown forced the Scots Presbyterians to sign a document which many of them signed in their own blood. They also wore red scarves around their necks, hence, the term, &quot:rednecks&quot: carried over to America when the Scots-Irish Presbyterians settled in America, especially in the South. They were a fiercely independent people and kept their own ways and lifestyle.

American Blacks hold 20% of the White genes in America, but I do not know the reverse number in the South. As to the American Indian part, quite a few Southern families of all colors claim to be part Indian somewhere in the far distant past wheather it can be proven are not.

If you are unaware of it, Mankind originated in Africa. So we are all Afro-Whatever. You are not pure White, any more than the rest of us

Undoubtedly, (historically) some of the most racist Whites, likely, came from people and/or families which were &quot:passing&quot: (pretending to be White)… Especially in the Southern United States

I am checkin my o-ficial Knights of the United Nazi Klan color wheel right now and it says that I am 100 per cent of Aferkin descent. Adjusted for 50,000 years + or – a year or two of course.

Oh, it also says you are a yankee bigot.

im sure there was black somewhere in every family line but then they just mated with the family members that werent black and used the others as workers

most of us. and those who say they don’t are liars.

ps Mexicans are not native americans to begin with. they are a mix. like us in the US. Mexico has a complex social and cultural history like the US

also…. redneck is a wildly unpopular racial slur to most southern people of &quot:non color&quot:.

mike .you are right about the Mexican Indian &quot:mixing &quot:over a period of 300 years .that same mix is what gives me strength .i am a American Indian ,mixed with Irish.witch gives me thick skin and i would love to meet you face to face

Yes, but don’t limit it to the South. You have the same thing going on in your gene pool.

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