How can people vote for Mitt Romney?

this isn’t a hate question. I’m genuinely confused. I feel like I must have some incorrect information because from what I’ve heard, Romney is a terrible person. I want to have all the correct information before I vote tomorrow, so if you can answer this with unbiased, well thought-out answers that would be great. I won’t respond to people just getting upset and just saying things like obama ruined america or anything like that. Here’s the problem I have, and remember, this is all information that I have read, seen, or heard.

Romney wants to take away women’s rights. He wants to make abortions illegal, he wants to ban birth control and tampons (yes, I read that he said tampons went against God’s plan for women). As a woman, I want (and need) the right to decide what to do with my body. If you’re a woman, I don’t understand how you could vote for Romney.

Romney wants to limit marriage to one man and one woman. I understand this is a very controversial subject. People say that the God defined marriage as between one man and one woman. It’s against the Christian religion for two people of the same sex to marry. I understand that, and I understand that you have your beliefs that you need to stand by, but not everyone in America is a Christian. And the government shouldn’t be run according to a certain religion (and isn’t Romney a mormon anyway?) We can’t limit people’s rights because of one religion. I have several gay friends and a gay cousin. I don’t understand how anyone who is homosexual or knows anyone who is homosexual or has children (because what if your child grows up and announces that he or she is gay? would you still want to limit their rights then?) could vote for Romney.

Romney doesn’t care about poor people. He said that many of the people in America are poor, on food stamps, welfare, depending on the government, and he said that it’s not his job to worry about those people. If you’re not rich, I don’t understand how you could vote for Romney.

Romney doesn’t care about the environment. He’s said several times that his concern is not the climate change or drilling. It’s almost as if he uses the environment as a punchline. If you live on Earth, I don’t understand how you could vote for Romney.

And one final issue I have with him is his and Paul Ryan’s view on rape. I think we all know of Ryan’s statement about legitimate rape and how a woman’s body has a way of shutting down so you don’t get pregnant. They’ve said that if a pregnancy does result from rape, the woman should look at it as a gift from God. And finally, Romney wants to give parental rights to rapists. If you’re a human being, I don’t understand how you could vote for Mitt Romney.

Scary isn’t it that so many people actually think that he’s OK ? Look at all those &quot:red&quot: states. Glad that I live in the Northeast ! Couldn’t relate to those red state folks.

BAN tampons?!?!? I literally just laughed out loud. Yeah, I am sure Playtex and the rest of the tampon manufacturers will let that right on through. Good GRIEF, what kind of power do you think the president HAS? PLEASE spend some time educating yourself. A LOT of time.


You just block out all disagreeing news sources. Don’t ever accept facts as truth if they disagree with your opinion in politics. Insult Obama as frequently as possible. Build a hate barrier for all people who aren’t white, straight, American, and male. Act like you know what you’re taking about…

And, most importantly… Hit the wrong button in the voting booths.

&quot:yes, I read that he said tampons went against God’s plan for women&quot:

Source, please.

EDIT: Yeah, it’s a bit of a Poe’s law problem with some Republicans lately . . . always be careful and check that you’re not reading satire or humor pieces.

Romney is a good and righteous man. He wants to serve his country, and get it out of the sad financial state that it has fallen into. It is as simple as that.

It’s easy to vote for Romney. I’ll show my ID and go to the booth. Then I’ll select Romney.

Meanwhile, you say you’re &quot:genuinely confused&quot:. I suggest you get help.

As a woman with a gay best friend who cares about the enviroment I can easily do it with a good conscience. Because as awful as your little list is, Obama’s is much worse.

a lack of deductive reasoning

true Lissa true! how can they vote for him.

he is a very dangerous man. more than what the conservatives think Obama is.


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