gay girl! how do i deal w/mean guys saying stuff about me?

How do I handle guys saying I’m after them to embarrass me?

Since I turned 16, guys lied I dated them, had sex w/ them to get ahead, stalked them (I know 🙁 ), all kinds of stuff.

One time my gay ex bf (I’m gay gay gay but can go for a hot guy long story) told everyone in a mean way to hurt me I was gay acting like a bigot. I didn’t know what to do. The woman he married started mean rumors about me and I believe again recently. I know so b/c we know many mutual ppl.

Worst time ever a gay man and a bisexual man made up a story I was after both of them. It really hurt my feelings. Never did I ever ever ever ever think a gay dude would be mean to another gay person. I thought he would know back then I was a closeted gay girl. I have so many issues over this in life and w/ my mom over it and he had to do that to me?????

It hasn’t happened much w/ str8 men recently b/c I dropped a lot of ppl and I only hang out w/ a few ppl nowadays. I don’t want to get into more messes but like 8 months ago it was really bad still w/ men saying stuff about me and having it affect me. I don’t cry much but I still cry a lot thinking about it. Writing now I am totally crying my eyes out over my crackberry.

How do I feel better? I am still really closeted for work and srtuff so how do I get through this? I can’t scream I AM gay!!!! Don’t believe it!!!! Work, life and such is so full of bigots.

Sorry guys, I’m so p I s s ‘d tonight so………sorry sorry……

Hang in there Girly….no one is comfortable with tears. They always hurt someone. LOL Good Luck and let it roll off your back.

It seems such as you enable those adult adult males get to you. You proceed battling with them and allowing them to get under your epidermis it particularly is what they desire. they desire a reaction out of you. what’s your concern? ! purely forget approximately douchebags. You scent somebody with an attutide, decrease them off. Its that hassle-free. some all of us is shitty, some all of us is helpful. yet you comprehend what? You dont would desire to ‘positioned up with shitty human beings becuase thats existence for a gay individual&quot: decrease them out of your existence and fill your existence with helpful human beings. additionally cope with human beings kindly, be a sturdy individual, dont say issues to influence human beings or set them off. do no longer brag approximately your sexuality or flaunt it. I dont like seeing all of us flaunt their relationships in public its purely… wierd. i’m hoping that enables.

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