does my after high school plan sound logical and realistic?

I live in Massachusetts i want to settle for being a nurse(even though my dream job is to be a Pilot but my parents turned me down also i don’t know what else to do) then move to Canada would that work out? Is Canada a hard place to settle in? I mainly need to get out of the US quick because this country is so shady, I need to also get away from all these shady people around me, this place is driving me crazy (literally, no exaggeration there) and I bet Donald Trump is gonna be president. Does it sound like Im rushing things? should I just sit down?

It’s only realistic if you believe it to be realistic. The only thing stopping you is your mind, if you don’t personally think it’s realistic then it won’t be.

Follow your heart. Choose something you know 100% you’re going to achieve.

first. don’t SETTLE for being a nurse. When I’m sick I don’t want you taking care of me because you settled. Secondly, go to Canada now. Their educational system is cheaper. bye

Yeah that can work, aim to get a dual citizenship.


Canada? What?
What about the US Airforce?

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