Do you think The Next person who asks &quot:Who’s better Kobe or LeBron&quot: Should be beaten with a stick?

or any question that compares the 2.

I have kept track, (I know its sad) and since June 1st The question has been asked 33 Times.
33 F*CKIN TIMES! at least every time i been on, so its probably more.

OMG! maybe this means LARRY BIRD is better than both Kobe AND LeBron! :O !

Instead of beating them, just send them to Cleveland.

awaken, Kobe is a egocentric and self middle cry toddler. Micheal left because of the fact man or woman challenge. Like loss of life of his Father. Dad replaced into his terrific chum he and he felt with him. Jordan had camps for youthful up come gamers and he while decrease back North Caroline, oh that the place Vinnie replaced into. He make youthful adult men on his team greater suitable. He contain in video games and prepare. Kobe run off team friends. He additionally lie on them attempting cover his butt. and that they replaced into all stars attempt to assist him. until Shaq and the gangs got here the Lakers SUCK. He omit that up. Jordan in no way did that and Jordan father were kill there might were greater rings and Jordan replaced into in no way paid what he replaced into well worth yet he did not refuse to play not sport. He wait until he replaced right into a loose agent. Kobe in no way might ensue.What took him so long to make decrease back if he so great. Shaq replaced into greater of a team chief than Kobe. Oh Pippen could not do it with Jordan.The Mangerment broking provider up team. widely used Manger Jerry Krause elect to rebuild the team without Jordan and Pippen.

The 200 account trolll is the one doing it mostly.
And since he knows you don’t like the Lakers, he’s doing it to annoy you.

And now, it appears that the 200 account troll has made new accounts that he’s calling &quot:Who’s Better LeBron Or Kobe&quot: and &quot:Kobe’s Dynasty&quot: and using them to ask a bunch of &quot:LeBron/Kobe&quot: questions, so that he can pad his stats some more by awarding himself best answers on his new &quot:top contributor&quot: account.

wow it seems like the question has been asked way more!

but Larry Bird is MUCH better than Kobe and LeBron
I finally agree with you too. shocking!

Yes!!! Beat em’ with a ball and chain. Everyone is sick of this debate! There is no way to compare who’s better. Some players have better nights than others. And anyways, it should be who is 2nd best behind Durant…..Kobe or Lebron

Larry Bird is better than the 2 of them and I’m a damn die-hard Lakers I seen Bird play-I know how great he is!!!!!!!!

Its just basically the new users who asks those questions.

LOL to JeepDiva LOL….

Kobe is better than Bird33

When will they stop?
LeBron is better

they should get shot.

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