Do you think Britain Owes its very exsistence to America after WW2?

I do based on these facts:
1. After the Battle for Britian, the German air force countinued its arieal blitz on London and Britian’s infustructure. (Like factories and other important buildings.) After these bobings Britian’s military was running out of supplies and Churchill was begging for FDR’s help.

2. Some say the UK could’ve won, but i disagree. If it wasn’t for US supplies, Britian would’ve died out, due to the German U-boat blockade. The UK knew it did not have the fighting cabability to invade Nazi Europe. Germany noly lost most of their Air Force, but their land force was still intact.
If it wasn’t for the allied push into France and Italy, German troops could’ve easily turned the tide of war aginst the Soviets, sincce the German troops were better trained, the German rifles were better, and the German Air Force was far better. If wasn’t for the allied push, the German Me 262 would not have been rushed, thus allowing it to be in combat earlier without problems, that air plane could’ve won the war.

3. If it wasn’t for America, the Germans might have beaten the soviets, which would’ve lead to the defeat of Britian. And if the Soviets won, almost all of europe would’ve been under Soviet control, which would be bad for Britian and the US.

4. If Germany had the freedom of knowing that the US would not invade, it would’ve sifted its troops in western europe to the eastern front. That would’ve lead to the defeat of the Soviets. After the fall of the Soviets, Britian would be up for easy takings. Since Hitler really didn’t care for troops (just look at his no retreat policy shown in Stalingrad) an invasion of Britian would’ve been under taken after the Soviet’s defeat.

PS: Britian never thanked us for the Marshall Plan or the secret US voulunteers we sent during the Battle for Britain, who went under Canadian identities. They never thank us for our pivtal help in WW1, which without us, the war would’ve lasted longer and more innocent people would’ve died. They never thanked us for that missle shield we’re putting up right now or for OUR victory over the Soviet Union.

I love the British but i think they should get real and accept that we saved them. Just like the French saved the US in the revoulutionary war.

So nationalistic! No, I disagree. Even though the US did play an important role in WW2 and in the post-war Europe, the Germans would never had won as France didn’t win with Napoleon and ancient Rome eventually fell apart. Do not underestimate Europe, do not overrate America and do not do things expecting eternal thanks and blessings, if America intervened in one way or another they must have had their own reasons. Regarding the Soviets, Germany obviously didn’t stand a chance against them just like Napoleon’s troops didn’t before them. Btw, I’m not British.

Wow, is someone on a political rant? Are you asking a question or making a statement and trying to find someone to agree? You sound as if you are a little bitter about something.

Yes, America helped Great Britain out during WW2 but they have been our allies since then and have helped us with what ever we are involved in.

No soverign nation owes their existence to anyone else. That type of thinking is why the world thinks we are arrogant. Just be glad the allies won the war together. No one nation alone could of stopped the Axis. That is why it was a World War…Everyone had something to loose.

The men who went to the war did so because it was the right thing to do. They wouldn’t want everyone owing them something. They did it to stop world domination by a few dictators.

You are fogetting the War was also in the Pacific. Everyone was fighting to exist. We may have eventually went to Europe, but we were thrust into the fight after Pearl Harbor. We were trying hard to not be involved until then.

Wow , are you on a brit hating mission or what.
Who knows what would have happened if the yanks never helped out , yes its true there is a good chance germany would have been victorious but imagine that. Hitler ruling over the whole of europe , what would have happened then ? probably world domination which is why the yanks joined in. Again we do owe a gratitude to the americans who fought and died for europe during this war , but unlike yourself who say we have never thanked anybody , you could not be more wrong. On british t.v at the minute we constantly watch and analyise old programmes about the war and in every occassion there are many thanks passed out to the americans from all within british society so i dont know where you get your information from .
Also the yanks were smart enough to know what the world would have been like should somebody like hitler have control over half the world and this is why they joined in – plus they have never done anything they didnt want to do.
Sounds like your bitter and twisted about something but rest assured everyone who fought and died in that war gets remembered throughout the world and thanked for their effort and courage of the difficulties they endured

No. Germany would not have moved troops away from France if the US didn’t intervene, mainly because it was always a possible threat. Also, the Soviets probably would’ve won anyway, Germany had the poor soldiers on the Western Front, quantity over quality.

Well said Barbamatt.

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