Do you approve of President Barack H. Obama?

He’s done a lot in his three months in office. Do you think all this effort will improve our country or screw us over? Why do you think that?

His first act was to remove the restriction forbidding international organizations from using US Aid to perform abortions. So we are now funding abortions in other countries. Is this how you want your tax dollars spent?

He gave orders to close Guantanamo without any plan for what to do with the prisoners. We may have to bring them into the US. Do you want them in your state?

He campaigned on a NO EARMARKS, NO PORK, COMPLETE TRANSPARENCY and FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY platform. Then he took the oath of office and sent out the call for a stimulus bill that includes BILLIONS in pork. He will sign a budget with 9000 earmarks, a budget that was not necessary. But he won’t sign these bills in public – why is that? Why does he choose to sign these bills behind closed doors and away from cameras. Didn’t he say something about using a scalpel to go through the budgets line by line? And why won’t he let anyone see that birth certificate?

In his first 50 days, his decisions have caused the stock market to fall to below 1997 levels. Countries that have lent us billions are now worried that we won’t be able to pay back those loans. They want the loans secured. What are we going to secure them with … The White House itself??

He thinks people who bought more house than they could ever afford should be bailed out by those of us who are budgeting to make our own ends meet. If a student worked hard for an A in their class, and his/her friend got a C, should the teacher give each of them a B to average it out?

No, I do not approve of Barack Obama.

i agree with you that its too early to tell, but i do think he will inevitably screw us over, which sucks.

No. He is in WAY over his head and hasn’t a clue on what to do to fix this mess the libs created.

So far it isn’t looking good. Hopefully better days are coming.

no, he is in the act of screwing us over.

We are screwed !

Yes he’s doing a fantastic job at the moment

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