Christians and atheists: what do you think of Fred Phelps? He marches against gay funerals and not against …

..MC Donals.
Let me explain:
Fred Phelps is a preacher of the church of Kansas who organize marches at funerals of gay people who died of AIDS, considered from him and his flock to be gods punishment.

As far as I remember, gluttony is a capital sin too:
much more people in USA die of coronaric and hearth dediseases than of AIDS: maybe itВґs godВґs punisment?

ShouldnВґt this brave man bring the voice of Jesus Christ to those who stain our nation with their oily and fried sin?

A few years back these people picketed the funeral in San Francisco of a gay writer who had died of AIDS.

They were drowned-out by a HUGE counter-demonstration, that consisted of all sorts of people who you might think wouldn’t agree on ANYTHING.

Gay rights groups were there. So was a delegation from the Catholic Church.

The Young Socialists and Young Communists, who usually hate each other more than anyone else, dropped their fighting and went to the counter-demonstration.

So did the Young Republicans and the Young Democrats.

Veterans groups were there.

A dog-breeders’ club and a group of sculptors. A bartenders’ association and Alcoholics Anonymous. Anarchists and businessmen. Members of the ILWU (longshoreman’s union) and lawyers from a law firm that tries to chase unions off of jobs.

There was even a group of conservative Baptists holding signs saying &quot:These Nuts Don’t Represent Us.&quot:

These people cruelly picket the funerals being held by grieving military families, on the grounds that &quot:God hates gays, America gives gays rights, so it’s good when Americans die.&quot: They are hated by both the majority of Americans who are opposed to the current war, AND by the minority who support the war.

I can think of nothing whatsoever good to say about Phelps and his incestuous gang (did you know they are all members of his family?).

I watched a documentary on the Westboro Baptist Church, it was incredibly interesting, but equally disturbing, like a lot of religions. Nonetheless, McDonalds is not the only fastfood chain that produces unhealthy and fattening foods, there are thousands of places and food brands. And you can’t protest them all, no matter how many members of their brainwashed family attempt to do so– nor would it make any difference if they did, because Fred Phelps and Westboro Baptist Church have a frightening reputation already and it wouldn’t be held in any contempt. And isn’t it the people that commit gluttony, not the businesses anyway…?

I think Fred Phelps is scum of the earth who gives even radical fundamental christians a bad name.

As far as the rest of the post, gluttony is’t a commandment: it’s one of the seven deadly sins.

Should this man bring the voice of Jesus? I don’t believe jesus ever existed, but even if he did, I don’t think this man is capable of bringing anything other than hate. He disgusts me.

He’s a jackass! He and his family members/congregation came to my last army post numerous times to protest the soldiers funerals. Not is it only disrespectful, but its a scam.
They encite anger, then when somebody punches them, they sue for everything they can. (they are all attorneys as well).
That helps fund their hatred.
I get really tired of seeing the &quot:God Bless the IEDs&quot: signs or the rants that the soldiers deserve to die because they let gays in the military.
Have you seen their website yet? Its really delightful, (sarcasm) lol

it is significant that Christirans proceed to be allowed to marry the sheep, goats, cows and different accepted animals so they are able to proceed to have unnatural intercourse. With luck, they are able to have the ability to offer organic offspring with the better intelligence of the animals they shop enslaved, however the ofspring will even have their almost human determine ‘s ability to howl on the moon and pose impossibly nutty inquiries to show how inept they section and how unqualfied their instructors are. The undereducation of the non secular ideal is transforming into a rely of super difficulty with the aid of fact their conflict against scienceis inflicting super scientisits to visit places the place brains may well be used freely. probably the superb try we could desire to offer marriage. maximum non secular of the type that pose those questions may well be denied, i.e. 0x0=0. while if we married mom to a stalk of corn it would have value, i.e. 0x0+1n=1n. If we had the typical ideal wing non secular mate, say the mummy right here, she might unquestionably start up above 0 with the splendid animal. interior the case of the pig clone, she might o.k. be 1×1.6 +2n = 2y. The boar would be secular of path however the mummy would be required stand for breeding any time she is fecund and she or he could desire to offer a sprint of a minimum of 12 on each and each social gathering. could desire to she fail to fulfill the same old, her marriage would be ended and she or he would be place into the complication-unfastened pig stye for using all. Bestial Marriage is unlawful to the clever species. The hyper godly could desire to lay with snakes, chicken and each variety of others in felony marriage.

Who’s the most foolish: The fool or the ones who follow the fool? I believe this idiot also leads protests at funerals for military personnel. I just wonder if he is ready to be judged by the same standards he is judging every one else or did he forget that part of Scripture?

Marching at gay funerals is not brave.

Pretending to be the voice of Jesus Christ is not brave, using him as your own personal soapbox is NOT BRAVE, its COWARDLY.

Why are so many christians insane?

Well its because most Fat Christians are obsessed by Homosexuality and not being able to understand their own attraction to the same sex they eat their frustrations away then blame the Gay community for there cholesterol problems!

This could all be solved buy purchasing a Tin Foil HAt!!

Fred Phelps is criminally insane. His particular brand of religious venom is only one outlet for it.

Phelps is just one of those silly people, who like to be adored.

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