can someone please explain the difference in condom sizes?

like you know, inches to what size?
and um would you prefer any?
best answer gets 10 points 🙂

Like everyone else said.. &quot:one size fits all.’

I prefer TROJAN. theres many different categories trojan makes.
Her Pleasure
His pleasure
Shared Pleasure
Ultra Ribbed

I prefer shared pleasure, but we usually buy the variety box so we get a different experience everytime. There are also diferent brands like LIFESTYLE and DUREX. Both we have used and had good luck with, but we still like Trojan overall. Good luck and hope I helped.

Trojan Twisted Pleasure are the best condoms as far as feeling goes. And a regular size condom will fit any guy. You could put a condom over your head without it busting and no man’s penis is that big.

Never let them talk you into the ‘maxx’ size! See the chart below. Most men fit into a Durex or Lifestyle VERY nicely! I personally love the Durex Pleasuremax. It feels awesome [well, as good as a condom can feel].

0-7.5&quot:, normal. 7.5&quot:-10&quot:, magnums. Beyond that, it doesn’t matter…she’s in a porn film and gets paid to do what the director says.
I prefer none, but use whatever is handy.
I suggest you find a hobby that doesn’t involve the opposite sex…you’re not ready.

guys buy bigger condoms to boost their ego. a regular condom can fit any penis. watch some videos on youtube of a condom being filled up with water.

u see MILAIDI whe condoms they have a difference sizse is becouse the DIKS for the men thay are deferent some of them smol some of them large sizes ok and if u want to protekt ur self PLEASE USE THE CONDOMS its helpping and protekting ur live and unader people live.

there are different sizes… but the majority sold are &quot:one size fits most&quot:… they are the average ones…

you want particularly small ones, go to a specialist website… there are many of those…

it al comes in the same size i suppose
whether small/big everythin gets in2 that
wel, stil u wanna hav it bigger

lol, i don’t even know I just have 2 random condoms laying in my backpack for nothing that I got ages ago.

I didnt know there was different sizes?

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