Black + White = Black, Does this mean black people have more of a purpose on earth?

Than white people?

White and black children more often than not look black, is this telling us something?

I actually have a theory about this. You are right Talaweh, survival of the fittest is still the law of the world. Just becuase humans don’t like seeing themselves as animals doesn’t make us any less animals. Everything about us is designed to help us survive. Our eyebrows and eyelashes keep stuff out of our eyes. Our hair on our heads keeps heat in our bodies to protect us from hypothermia and the hair textures we have depends on the environment we evolved in. Our skin keeps germs out. We are well designed organisms and everything on our body has a purpose. Our skin colors help us blend into our environment to avoid predators and also protect us from the sun. Dark skin does this better.

Which leads me to my theory. If something is happening in nature there is a reason behind it, sad to say. The dinosaurs died out becuase it was their time and the world was changing BUT any anthropologist can tell you that the ancestors of dinosaurs are birds, some dinos evolved in birds which are creatures better suited to a post meteor world and climate. Also all the short necked giraffes died out becuase they could not reach the tops of the trees and thus died of starvation. My point is that is is sad certain breeds cannot survive but they did not have the phenotype to live. This theory extends to people. By this logic, if &quot:white traits&quot: like blond hair, white skin, and blond hair are recessive and dying out there is a logical reason for it in nature.

What could be happening in nature that could eliminate light features. Hmmm anyone heard of global warming? Yes people, accept it our not, our world is getting hotter by the century as the ozone layer disappears and we go into a hot eon. In this new climate white people with lighter features are, let’s face it, at a distinct disadvantage. White skin does not fare well in hot climate as it reflects light rather than absorb it as dark colors do. So white physical genes are recessive for a reason and that’s my theory.

Dark genes are dominate, the original people were black. So says anthropologist, and geneticist.

are you reallly that igornat mixed children look latino if anything, they usually dont have the sterotypical african american look or the hair. THe children have a mixture of BOTH features white and black, of course there skin will have some color to it but ive seen some mixed kids that look completley white.. your question is ignorant. DNA is crazy and you never know what ur going to get.

I wish people would stop being so color blinded.

Black + White = Grey.

Te he.

You need to brush up on your Preschool color wheel- Black+White= Gray. That means gray people have more purpose on Earth. So I guess old people are the best.

Also do some reading on genetics while you’re at it.

yeah i have discussed this with my bf whom is white…its so sad….how society labels mixed children as being black…okay so they usually look more blk then white….but ive seen mixed race children who look completely white….are they still black now? or more importantly mixed…duhh.

This mentality is probably just something in your head. Why don’t you just study genetics/biology rather than forming rhetorical questions?

No it does not… it only means that black is a stronger gene coler.

No it just means the black is usually the dominant one.

Black + White = Mixed with black and white.

Not all children mixed with black look more black. My little cousin is mixed with latin and black blood, looking at her, you’d never guess that she has african blood.

Negative + Positive = Negative.
Could you please come up with a question that will bring us all together instead of this racist crap. ’cause I can be as racist as you. And maybe you won’t like the answer.
More of a purpose?
What about mulatto’s?

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