Are you &quot:clingy&quot:?

*pinch* keep it up Major LOL

I can’t believe you had the nerve to tease me about that? pfffttt

You are lucky you’re so damn hot you know *wink*

I used to be, until I started using fabric softener. LOL

The only time I am clingy now, is in bed with my guy. I do like to give hugs, but not the ones that you just hang on to the person, except my guy.

NO way!! I can’t stand clingy! Needy, clingy, nagging people I can’t stand!! Some people actually feel that they can’t live without others!! HA

I’m a variety. Sometimes I can be very clingy, sometimes I’m just..very distant. My moods swing quite a bit sometimes.


No, my bf has gotten clingy and it really drives me nuts. I hate touchy-feely people, have they never heard of personal space?

define clingy

complete opposite. I like my space and freedom. I just broke up with a guy b/c he called me more than 5 times a day.



Nah! I used heavy starch this morning

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