Will Obama’s illegal alien uncle get special treatment in drunk driving case?

Do you think he should get special treatment or do you think it would be corrupt for Obama’s administration to break the law for his uncle?


Yes: he is after all, a relative of the country’s messiah. Zeituni Onyango also got off scot free. It was also just revealed Zeituni has an SSN from a state (Indiana) she’s never been to and Omar has 4 SSN’s.
Why do you think the government overlooks their criminal activities?

You mean the way Obama granted his illegal welfare aunt asylum after she had been ordered to deport 4 times in over 10 years?…Most likely

Of course…but you’ll never hear about it. He’s already got that Cleveland ching-chong lawyer who he could never afford on his own salary. The same lawyer that his illegal insane aunt had when she was near deportation. Obama will get himself impeached before the terms over.

He isn’t a threat so he won’t get deported under homeland security policy

no he should not get special treatment
but i must admit if i was president that i would make a phone call if my uncle was caught drunk driving
would it be right? no .

Probably. His illegal auntie is still in the US.

Of couse. Anyone who will continue to bow down to him will.

Biased article.

Obama will use his pardon power.

i doubt it

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