When our founding fathers created america, do you think todays america is what they would have wanted?

[just a photo time line of america. you can answer the question without watching it]

If the founders of america came back today, what do you think they would be thinking? ashamed? proud? speechless? instruct everybody to riot?

In part, they would find America as they saw it, because we still do stand as the Land of Opportunity that they worked so hard to develop.
So, the things they would be appalled by? Probably entitlement programs and the lack of backbone in many.

I think they would be pretty happy that things held together. When they made this country, they didn’t get to make the laws they wanted, they got to make the laws that they could get the votes for. For instance, they could not abolish slavery in the constitution because more than 1/3 of the representatives at the constitutional convention were slave owners, so instead they wrote in a limit to how long the african slave trade could continue. This way abolishonists would be slightly appeased, and slave owners were slightly appeased. It wasn’t a win for either side, but it was a compromise.

We have a big country, with lotsa different folks. We aren’t gonna get along all the time. We certainly aren’t gonna get our way all the time. But we do compromise from time to time.

I think because we’ve held this country together so long, and because of our tolerance of other cultures, races, and genders, the founding fathers would be proud of what we have accomplished.

the 1st 4 Presidents, which secure the authors of the two the assertion of the Independence and the form, all went out of their thank you to publicly declare that the U.S. grow to be no longer, and grow to be never meant to be, a Christian usa. it is is why there is no point out of Jesus or the Bible in any of our Founding records, the &quot:God&quot: to that’s referred grow to be considered to be the God of each and every persons expertise extremely that of any specific faith. do no longer forget that the U.S. had purely won a war against a rustic, super Britain, which had an established State faith, via yet another usa, France, which had abolished their very own, and the Europe at that element have been scuffling with non secular wars between Catholics and Protestants for years. this is the reason James Madison reported that the the point of Separation of Church and State is to maintain invariably from those seashores the ceaseless strife that has soaked the soil of Europe with blood for hundreds of years.

I think they would be ashamed at the corruptness of our political leaders,,, they did what they did for our country for nothing,,, no pay ,,,only our well being was in their minds,,,, our politicians are in the back pockets of all kinds of crooks I think they would call for a different system of keeping our Representatives in check,,,, heck with communication at the speed of light we don’t even need them !everything should be put to popular vote and get rid of politicians all together

They would be totally amassed at the society we live in as to technology, but would not recognize the government they warned against, i.e Fiat money, redistribution of wealth, undeclared wars, international agreements that infringe our trade and security, centralized power in Washington, attacked on the first and second amendments, attacks on our Judea/Christian beliefs and principles, the two party system and corruption plus flagrant abuse of power by politicians.

I believe overall they would determine that the Nation had held together, with the exception of the civil war, was operating within the Constitution/laws. So they would probably see the gains made towards becoming a more perfect Union and would therefore be pretty happy overall with their work – and ours.

up into the 90s they would have been proud i think..but now…we let big government run over us,Special interest groups run amuck,less freedoms,Sissy’s,cowards and bleeding hearts inflicting their way of life on the majority.i can go on and on…i hope there’s never a time our founding fathers could come forward in time…id be ashamed of myself for not doing my part as a American to stop it.do u feel the same?

They wouldn’t comprehend it. They would not understand modern chemisty, nuclear fusion and fission, the internal combustion engine, the electrical grid, electronics, medicine… they would be like infants faced with the complexity of the modern world. So your comparison just doesn’t hold up. Their politics were defined by a world in which men moved through it on foot, on horseback, or by sail. Stand them at the end of a modern runway when a jumbo jet was taking off and they would die of fright.

They could never have imagined what was going to happen, no. I don’t think many of the surprises would be pleasant.

going on what their views were at the time their first response would be

Who the f*ck allowed him to be President?

just saying

the people that gave thumbs down clearly have no idea what our founding fathers views of african americans were. they didnt want them to vote let alone hold office. That was my whole point

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