What language (specifically) do they speak in Mitaka, Tokyo, Japan?

Me and my friend are trying to learn It.


I heard that people in Mitaka speak their own language called Mitakish.

They speak the Western Kanto dialect of Japanese. Western Kanto dialect is pretty much identical to &quot:standard Japanese&quot:, so you can learn it from any Japanese language textbook. There is a university in Mitaka with students from all over Japan and also a lot of foreign students, so you can hear many other dialects and languages in Mitaka.

Mitaka? They speak standard Japanese.
But if you go down west to Tachikawa, they have a subtle accent.

Gee I dunno perhaps ж—Ґжњ¬иЄћ

They speak TROLLanese

official Japanese as same as other people in Tokyo speak.

Mitakan japanese?


Having been there, as well as several areas in Japan, I can say with almost absolute certainty – Japanese.

um.., Japanese..

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