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Name for baby boy, brothers name is Jude?

We need a baby boy name. My 1st son’s name is Jude. We really don’t like common names, but nothing too weird please. Thanks for our suggestions!!

Congratulations on a boy! Jude is a very handsome name. It’s one of my favorites for boys, actually. 🙂

• Jude &amp: Oliver
• Jude &amp: Noah
• Jude &amp: Owen
• Jude &amp: Julian
• Jude &amp: Parker
• Jude &amp: Ryder
• Jude &amp: Griffin
• Jude &amp: Seth
• Jude &amp: Gabriel
• Jude &amp: Jonah
• Jude &amp: Elijah
• Jude &amp: Elias

Best wishes! ♥

Jared &amp: Jude
Josiah &amp: Jude
Malachi &amp: Jude
Ezra &amp: Jude
Jaxon &amp: Jude
Elisha &amp: Jude
Jessie &amp: Jude
Drew &amp: Jude
Immer &amp: Jude
Marley &amp: Jude
Jaeden &amp: Jude
Mylor &amp: Jude
Seth &amp: Jude
Saul &amp: Jude
Max &amp: Jude
Glynn &amp: Jude
Elias &amp: Jude
Leighton &amp: Jude
Travis &amp: Jude


Jude and Leon.
Jude and Heath.
Jude and Isaac.
Jude and Rhys.
Jude and Evan.
Jude and Noah.
Jude and Oscar.
Jude and Reuben.
Jude and Luca.
Jude and Cassian.
Jude and Blake.
Jude and Archer.
Jude and Cade.
Jude and Davis.
Jude and Finn.
Jude and Harry.
Jude and Jasper.
Jude and Flynn.
Jude and Milo.
Jude and Nate.
Jude and Matthias.
Jude and Patrick.
Jude and Micah.
Jude and Quinn.
Jude and Rory.
Jude and Elias.
Jude and Drew.
Jude and Silas.
Jude and Dominic.
Jude and Niall.
Jude and Lachlan.
Jude and Austin.
Jude and Rohan.
Jude and Emmett.
Jude and Felix.
Jude and Mason.
Jude and Nolan.
Jude and Ciaran.
Jude and Rhett.
Jude and Elliot.
Jude and Vincent.
Jude and Tristan.
Jude and Brody.
Jude and Tobias.
Jude and Fletcher.
Jude and Ryan.
Jude and Harrison.
Jude and Jonah.
Jude and Victor.
Jude and Roarke.


Not sure how you feel about staying with the same initial, but I think it’s cute.. So I stuck with English &quot:J&quot: names that I thought were cute, and unique.. Good luck!

~btw~ Love the name Jude!


… Oh and I have to add Huxley, cause I’m just in love with this name, it sounds cute with Jude, and is also english! Good luck again..

I love Jude! It’s so lovely!

Jude and Alex
Jude and Eli
Jude and Isaac
Jude and Robin
Jude and Aaron
Jude and Lucas (Luke)

Hope this helps, congrats on your baby! 🙂

i love the name jude.
jude and jace
jude and joseph ( a big favorite of mine )
jude and ian
jude and jerren
jude and jake
jude and seth

Jance Jarot


I always though Oliver went well with Jude!

♥ {ag}

Felix and Jude
Markus and Jude
Oliver and Jude
Frank and Jude

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