Infection or poor wound care?

I fell yesterday and scrapped my knee badly. Immediately cleaned it out and by that night it was already starting to heal over. Woke up this morning and everything was scabed over with almost no redness. I took a shower about an hour ago and scrubbed it really good. Immediately afterwords (like less than 2 minutes later) I popped a band aid on. Wound immediately turned the band aid wet and within 30 minutes my knee was throbbing and red about an inch around the wound. I took the band aid off and there was a bunch of gunky stuff and the throbbing literally stopped immediately. My mom who’s a nurse says infection does not set in that fast and that when I showred and scrubbed the just formed scab liquefied (thus the gunk) and the redness was because I irritated it scrubbing it. She said also the fact that every time I use a band aid my skin turns red and swells means I’m probably allergic. Does this sound about right and should I even use band aids?

Band-aids are ok. You should not keep scrubbing the wound though. You’re removing the new skin cells.


are the band aids latex?

Your mother is right. You shouldn’t have scrubbed off the scab. Many people are allergic to adhesives. They make band aids and adhesive tape for sensitive skin.

Your mom is a nurse so you doubt her knowledge and come to a forum to ask strangers. Nice.
Yes, your first mistake was in &quot:scrubbing it really good&quot:
And yes, you might be allergic to the band aids. It would be better to leave the scrape uncovered.

Poor wound care. Nothing wrong with using a band-aid for protection while a scab is forming, unless you really are allergic to the adhesive (you probably wouldn’t be allergic to the gauze).
A scab is nature’s band-aid. You should not have &quot:scrubbed it really good&quot:. A scab is meant to stay dry and in place as new skin forms beneath it. At that time the dried scab sloughs off by itself. Once a scab has formed a band-aid and ointment are superfluous.


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